Thursday, February 21, 2013

~*Still Here & Exciting News!!*~

Hello to all my blogging buddies!!
Yep, I'm still around.........
Did ya think I was lost??
Nope, busy
Getting used to my new schedule with working
I have a confession to make

I have an ADDICTION to PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, it's out
My name is Kriss and I can spend HOURS on Pinterest

I have a passion for decorating and crafting and cooking and before Pinterest
(Was there a before Pinterest??)
I would find things I loved and print them out
I have two fabric folder files neatly organized and labeled with categories
Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom etc.
Holiday Decorating....each in it's own seasonal folder
And TONS of craft files from everyday prims and stitching to holidays

Neatly organized boards (this girl LOVES organization which there is NO end to useful info on Pinterest)
I no longer have to waste monthly mortgage payments on printer ink
I no longer have a zillion bookmarks

Loooooove it!!

But, it seems to be the only thing I go to online anymore......
I hardly even visit Ebay anymore (gulp....who would have thought??)

If you want lot's of great primitive eye candy for your decorating be sure to follow the link to my page, I have tons of great boards..........LOTS of boards :)

Anyways, on to my news!!
As those of you that have been following me for awhile know, I design cross stitch patterns
I have wanted to release my pattern line for a looooong time but have ran into road blocks along the way mainly due to my stupidity with computer smarts

My birthday is coming up and I will finally be launching my patterns on that day.........

March 15th, 2013

I am so excited!!
I am going to try to offer both paper and PDF patterns and for now will be selling on my blog only
I will give you all the details soon

Also, the first person to order a pattern from me will receive a gift from me along with their pattern...a little extra thank you for supporting my work!!

Updates and sneak peaks to come!!

Well, its 10 to 6 and I have to do my morning "chores" and shower and get ready for work
Loving my job....I get paid to play with frosting, amazing huh??
I Loooooove getting paid to be creative, and taste goodies each day........

Have a wonderful day!!

Hug & Kiss the ones you love!