Saturday, November 23, 2013

~*Thanksgiving Blessings*~

***Hello and Happy Thanksgiving 
to all my long lost blogging friends***

Just wanted to peak my head in and say I'm still around, I've been gone sooooo long you may not even miss me :)

I had planned on a pattern line release but computer issues(AGAIN) and technical problems with my charting program stopped me and I just didn't have the time or patience to work thru either. But 2014 will bring life to my adventure.....

And I am still unable to post fully about the details of the aftereffects of a basically life changing event, legal silence so to speak......

I WANT to share, to TALK, to let it all out and LET you all back in.

Time is finally coming on our side. This journey has been such a huge part of my life. It would be hard to post without talking about the ins and outs and ups and downs. Soon, hopefully soon....

I wanted to wish you all a blessed holiday, hope you all share it with those you love. And say how much I miss starting my day off with blogging, and talking with all the wonderful people I came to know.

Our Thanksgiving plans are still up in the air. I have to work from 10-2 and that makes planning a little tough. Remember the good old days when no one worked on holidays? When people planned ahead to get what they needed and everything was closed and everyone survived??? To me it's a shame that it's become ok for people to work rather than be able to be with their families. We have 364 days a year to know holidays are coming and prepare. People used to be able to buy their groceries, put gas in their car and get whatever they needed without needing the 365th day. Call me old fashioned but I miss those days....did before I was one of those people stuck working too. Whatever happened to family first??


After having the stomach flu on Thanksgiving night a few years ago I still can't get the taste back for traditional turkey dinner :(  Last year I made a total dinner with recipes from The Pioneer Woman (I dream of living on a ranch like her!!) Not being a recipe but a cook by feel & love girl it was fun to do and tasty for the most part but still a little much for my tastebuds and my kids didn't get thrilled over it so this year I think I'm going off the beaten path. Think we're going to do some snacky foods like chicken dip and pizza logs and some yummy appetizers I found on Pinterest. Quicker for me to prepare, easier on cleanup and we can just eat as we want and watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (the official start to the holiday season, it never stops being funny!!) and just enjoy our time together.

I hope this Thanksgiving finds you all healthy and happy and brings you wonderful memories to fill your heart.

*Until we meet again*

Kiss & hold the ones you love