Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~*My Sweet Bloggers and a New Project*~

Thanks girls for your kind words and support...just what I needed!
I know you're all right with the not being worth the stress. Life is too short huh?
On to better things.
I have an application for our local school to get on the sub list, they won't be doing any hew hires until January but that would be ideal hours and locations. Especially if I could work in the elementary school with the little ones!

Started a fun new project last night. I'm building my first make do chair!!
I got the wood screwed to the back and sides last night. Doing half wings on this one. I chose a plain dark brown suiting fabric to cover it with. This morning I'll attatch the batting and get it covered.
I've wanted to make one of these for so long. I seem to have a chair addiction and love ladderbacks!!
What says colonial primitive more!!

Off to sip some coffee and run through your blogs....and try to tame my new kitten....yep!!
Whole other story there starting with a sad one but I have two new fur babies and one is a CRAZY girl. To have that energy, whew!!

Enjoy your day and thanks so much for all your love and support!!
Right back at ya!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~*Back to Blogland*~

Good morning strangers. Its been a loooong time and I apologize!!
Things come and things job is no longer. Quite a humbling experience.
With no true former retail experience and not being a "hard boss" I simply could not do the job. I had 27 employees that walked all over me mostly behind my back. I also found out I am not good at counting money and trying to close the store at night was nearly impossible. I could count the safe and tills 10 times and it would be different each time.
Corporate wasn't happy. I had to force close the store on more than one occasion because I couldn't balance and an assistant manager can't make those types of errors.
I have never tried so hard at a job and failed so miserably. My self esteem?? Shot....
It's been a couple of weeks now, I've just been spending time trying to recover my emotions and catch up all the things that were neglected here as I was working a million hours a week with little time off.
I will miss the money and am worried to death but at least now I'm eating and sleeping unlike before. My shifts were usually 12-13 hours and getting home at midnight after struggling to close the store and being back at 7am really took a toll on my appetite and my brain just wouldn't let go of the worry to let me sleep more than an hour or two.
Want a great diet....try it!!
I've missed you all and am ready to start pushing myself back into my creative directions.
I've been working on redoing many of the rooms in my house....was able to get some wonderful pieces with the nice income I was bringing in including a great bowl rack from Carol at Firecracker kids.
I did a best offer on a set of three 6" wooden bowls for it on ebay and got them for $5 and he just emailed me this morning and said he can't find them now...bummer!!
Promise I'll post some pics soon!
Okay my friends....on to new things and settling back in.
Anxious to get all caught up and reconnect.