Friday, August 24, 2012


Whoo,addicting...did I mention addicting?? For those of you who have not checked out pinterest please do!! But be forwarned you will be there for awhile!!
This is how it works.....
You ask for an invitation(you can get this at the website)
You sign up and open an account(!!)
You spend HOURS looking up anything and everything you like, love, or kinda admire....making "Boards" you name with the items.
It's like an internet scrapbook of sorts.
You can organize and store all your goodies so they're at your fingertips....and choose to share them with others and peak at theirs for more ideas!!
I'm sure (okay hoping) there are others out there like me with a DIVERSE range of interests, that's what makes it so fun.
Of course I am making boards for primitive decorating, crafting, blogging....but....
My other little pieces are there too....
Supernatural stuff to name a few...and I have so many more to play with in my head!!
Told you I was diverse!! 
But this is fun, fun, fun!!!!!
I LOVE that I can organize my things in ONE place instead of a million bookmarks, that's a win win right there for me!
I'm gonna try to put a Pinterest button on my blog for you to hop on over and check it out...sometimes I struggle with those little's luck to me!!
Soooo....if you have some time this weekend check it out, I'm so glad I did!

I'm searching for my cord to hook my camera to my laptop so I can get some pics of my prim small yet adorable apartment.
I've worked with love to make this place I'm at a's NOT where we want to be by a long shot but I guess you need to embrace the moment you're in....
It's really really cute...set up nice.
3 story (sits on a full garage with laundry area), nice little entry from the garage with stairs leading to the first floor that has a good size kitchen/dining room....a sliding glass door takes you out to a semi private patio(separated by open fencing panels). We have wonderful neighbors two of which have dogs so guess who has treats in her cabinet???? I MISS my dog too!!
Then there is a half bath with a large storage closet and a smallish living room. The living room also has a sliding glass door that takes you out to a small balcony that sits above the front door...small but cute.
I had the balcony so cute with hanging windowboxes full of beautiful plants and greens, a hanging bosten fern,  a vintage chair with old baskets filled with flowers and trailing vines....
The back patio was brimming with container gardens filled with  colorful flowers and greens, my vintage watering cans, my vintage grape picking cart also fully planted. I used some of my old wooden boxes and crates to stagger heights to display planted pots, birdhouses, my handmade bee skeps and what I had left of my vintage blue glass ball jars.
My honey got me an INCREDIBLE antique wagon wheel...I mention as we're on our way to work one day that I have always wanted one when I see one in someones yard and I have one the next day...he made a phone call to a friend and got me one for
He's a whole nother post!!!!!!!
Unfortunately I lost all my flowers when I wasn't able to care for them for a few weeks...but I can share the memories with you...
I LOVED working at Lowes in the Lawn and Garden department....dream job!!! I MISSSSSS it!!!
Anyway back to our apartment....a partially open staircase in the living room leads to the third floor that has a full bath and two bedrooms. The stairwell upstairs has a half wall....perfect for decorating!! The bedrooms have wood floors...a little rough but hey I love primitive so it's all good!!
I really want to share how I've put my love into this place...I can fight it or accept it.
Thankfully Gary loves the primitive look and knows how to make things....
Yep, I got books from the library on colonial furniture and I have a four poster bed coming in the future when he'll be physically able to build me
He had never been around this type of decorating but loves it and has a great eye for it when we're out. He knows what I like and is learning all the terms and is interested in the history end of how pieces were originally used(like a dry sink)...he says it's comfortable and homey....
He's learned about primitive colonial "living", cross stitching and all my crafting.
I've learned about fishing (so sad he hasn't been able to do it this summer poor baby!!) and Harleys.
Love, share, live & learn....
Well, this was loooong winded, so off to go to bed...okay maybe a QUICK peak at some Pins again??
Blessings.....hold the ones you love...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

**Give & Receive**

Hello again all my long lost blogging friends. I now have access to the internet so I can share all the fun of blogging together with you again.
I have sooooo much catching up to do!!
Looks like so many things have changed for some of you just never know what paths life will take you on.
I have had some tough times in my life but I can honestly say that I truly know what it is to hit rock bottom, what its like to have despair so deep that it aches in your bones.
I am not at liberty to discuss details but all I will say is.....I MISS MY BOYS.....
They are my heart and soul and they are the first thought I have when I wake up and the last thought I have as I fall asleep. The next time you make your children dinner or wash their dirty clothes be  GRATEFUL.
I am trying hard not to be bitter.
I am trying hard to accept those people that have such distorted thoughts.
I am trying hard to understand that sometimes when people truly HATE themselves they blame and therefore hate other people.
Sometimes people will only see or believe what makes them feel less guilt.
You can accept what is and what happens from your actions or hold on to it so tightly it changes who you are....or maybe brings who you truly are to the surface.
THE SOUL KNOWS THE gives birth to bitterness.
I've spent many hours crying,  and trying to heal the woman inside of me.
I've learned many things about myself and who I am.
I've learned to try to let go of my own self like myself if only a little bit a day at a time.
I've learned to feel worthy of love.
Most importantly I've learned that love heals all.
Love understands, accepts,earns trust, and feeds not only the heart but the soul.
Love gives hope......
I HAVE love
I GIVE love
Give and receive..... give and receive.
Words worth repeating.
It is never too late to matter what you think you may already know to be true.
Love can be seen in the eyes of the ones you love.
It's a gift to see your own reflection in those SEE what they see.
Its pure, it's simple, it's empowering.
There are many uphill roads I know I will have to climb, many battles to dress my heart for.
But I've been given the greatest gift which will bring everything else together.
I'm giving love that is fully embraced and given back to me.
I believe and have faith.
I finally understand.

***It's all about cinnamon rolls and paper coffee cups***

Blessings my friends, it's good to be back