Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~*My Sweet Bloggers and a New Project*~

Thanks girls for your kind words and support...just what I needed!
I know you're all right with the not being worth the stress. Life is too short huh?
On to better things.
I have an application for our local school to get on the sub list, they won't be doing any hew hires until January but that would be ideal hours and locations. Especially if I could work in the elementary school with the little ones!

Started a fun new project last night. I'm building my first make do chair!!
I got the wood screwed to the back and sides last night. Doing half wings on this one. I chose a plain dark brown suiting fabric to cover it with. This morning I'll attatch the batting and get it covered.
I've wanted to make one of these for so long. I seem to have a chair addiction and love ladderbacks!!
What says colonial primitive more!!

Off to sip some coffee and run through your blogs....and try to tame my new kitten....yep!!
Whole other story there starting with a sad one but I have two new fur babies and one is a CRAZY girl. To have that energy, whew!!

Enjoy your day and thanks so much for all your love and support!!
Right back at ya!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~*Back to Blogland*~

Good morning strangers. Its been a loooong time and I apologize!!
Things come and things job is no longer. Quite a humbling experience.
With no true former retail experience and not being a "hard boss" I simply could not do the job. I had 27 employees that walked all over me mostly behind my back. I also found out I am not good at counting money and trying to close the store at night was nearly impossible. I could count the safe and tills 10 times and it would be different each time.
Corporate wasn't happy. I had to force close the store on more than one occasion because I couldn't balance and an assistant manager can't make those types of errors.
I have never tried so hard at a job and failed so miserably. My self esteem?? Shot....
It's been a couple of weeks now, I've just been spending time trying to recover my emotions and catch up all the things that were neglected here as I was working a million hours a week with little time off.
I will miss the money and am worried to death but at least now I'm eating and sleeping unlike before. My shifts were usually 12-13 hours and getting home at midnight after struggling to close the store and being back at 7am really took a toll on my appetite and my brain just wouldn't let go of the worry to let me sleep more than an hour or two.
Want a great diet....try it!!
I've missed you all and am ready to start pushing myself back into my creative directions.
I've been working on redoing many of the rooms in my house....was able to get some wonderful pieces with the nice income I was bringing in including a great bowl rack from Carol at Firecracker kids.
I did a best offer on a set of three 6" wooden bowls for it on ebay and got them for $5 and he just emailed me this morning and said he can't find them now...bummer!!
Promise I'll post some pics soon!
Okay my friends....on to new things and settling back in.
Anxious to get all caught up and reconnect.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~*Life In The Working Lane*~

Good morning to all!! Had a schedule change at the last minute so I don't go in until 12:30 today. Gives me some time this morning to enjoy my coffee and visit with all of you!
Really liking my job a much to learn but I thrive on new things and fast paces so I think I'm going to be very happy!
I'm off all weekend so my fall things will be coming out and I have a swap I need to get sent out. Hoping to spend a day cooking and freezing meals for the week so it will be easier to come home and just throw it together for my family or have the meals ready for my late nights so my men won't starve while I'm not here...
Hoping to also get some sewing and crafting in...but my house is slowly falling apart so unless the cleaning fairy shows up with her mop and broom I have a pretty goof feeling that I'll be playing house too.
Hope you're all well & happy. Enjoy the crisp mornings and the start of fall!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

~*Day One On My New Job*~

A good day as I rejoined the work force! It felt so good to get up and get ready feel as if I had a new purpose so to speak. The Big Lots that I am employed with is beautiful. New and bright and clean. Let me tell you if you are looking for some great deals be sure to visit your local store if you have one.
All the fall and Halloween goodes are out right now and there are so many cute things in our store. Hmmm, betcha a little of that first pay check won't be going right home with me :o)
A little tired tonight not from working but from getting up at 5 after laying down at 3. I'm still on my crafting schedule when I could sleep till 6 or 6:30. I'll have to get my body readjusted to this new schedule!!
Thank you so much for all your good wishes, it means so much to have the support from all of you. Going to take a peak around then hit the couch with thread and needle for a bit. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

~*New Job*~

Good morning!! Where have I been?? All over and nowhere at the same time :o)
I've really missed all of you and haven't even had the time to get on here and look at all of your posts and catch up, I've missed you!!
Exciting news...I got the job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago!! They called me with the formal offer on Thursday and I start tomorrow! I am so blessed by this opportunity, it's been a loooong time coming. I will be an assistant manager for Big Lots. Still not sure which department I will be in, either housewares or seasonal. Seasonal I think would be a lot of fun (ok maybe not so much at Christmas...have I mentioned I am NOT a Christmas person??) but housewares will be fun playing house LOL!!
I'll be trying to get used to my schedule and swinging the whole work/home thing again for a bit so don't lose hope in me. I promise to not vanish just might be a little scattered for a bit. I'll still continue with my creating and have a couple of ideas up my sleeve but those I'll share later!
I'm headed to go and visit your blogs and catch up. Funny, I feel as if something has been missing in my life by not being able to get on here every day and check in! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week.I'll talk with you all soon!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~*MIA For Too Long*~

Good morning my blogging buddies!! Betcha thought I fell off the face of the earth huh?? huge exciting news over where I've been either. No trips to the Bahamas or anything...just Walmart and Target :o)
I've been busy with so many this and that things....or as Mary from Gettysburg Homestead calls them UFO's.

School has started and football season is underway. My youngest son is the JV quarterback and got to dress for Varsity last Friday night. They got pounded but he was the QB in for there only score for the night...brag, brag!! I missed it as I went to camp at the last minute with a friend to spend the night. Felt like a bad mom for missing the game but he wanted me to go and have fun and I knew I really needed a night away. We got there late Friday night and had to leave Saturday morning but it was worth the 1 1/12 hour drive to escape for the few hours we were there!! I LOVE going to camp, love nature and the solitude and absolute quietness of the woods. My first cup of coffee was sipped outside enjoying the mist that surrounded the woods and watching a squirrel doing some kind of busy work. Each day should start that way...

Have lots to do today, I'm trying to get an order ready for the store that I sell too with some Halloween goodes, Finish up some dolls for a swap that I'm doing,  go to the library and research some angel tombstones for a design idea I have for a Halloween sampler, stop and get something to make for dinner and all the other domestic bliss like laundry & cleaning. I am SO READY for a day of just watching some scary movies in anticipation of Halloween and stitching my heart out. Darn maid keeps not showing up so I end up doing the cooking & cleaning's so hard to get good help these days....wait a minute, that's my FANTASY life!!  Oops...

Well, hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning taste of fall weather. It's been cool here and the sky has been filled with  puffy dark rimmed fall clouds. It's time for me to replace all my candles with the spicy scented ones. All my fall decorations are coming out this weekend too, yippee!!!

Keep warm, creative & love your families

Sunday, August 28, 2011

~*63 Days Until Halloween*~

I am a self confessed Halloween junkie! I have loved it since I was a little girl. I can remember the excitement I would feel bubble up in my stomach when I'd be on my walk home from school and get close to my house and see that my mother had her Halloween cut outs taped in the front windows of the house. I also knew that it meant the rest of the house would be decorated and it would soon be time to start planning my costume (which was on my mind pretty much from August on) and start helping her pack the goodie bags she would pass out on Halloween night. I would spend hours taking dum dum suckers and covering each one with a tissue, tying it with ribbon and adding eyes with a marker to make little ghost treats to tuck into the bags.

My mother had the most wonderful Halloween decorations that I would give anything to have right now. I'm not even sure what happened to them. Do you remember those big plastic decorations they used to make, the ones that were made of a bunch of little pieces of plastic somehow melted together? They were flat and you would hang them up. She also had this paper witch that had crepe paper legs that hung down. I remember the face scaring me when I was her eyes would follow me around the room. As I got older I would sometimes help her pull the decorations out and put them up. Everything always went in the same spot was like that for all of her holiday decorating. It was actually comforting in a way,something I could count on. As we'd open the boxes you'd get that first smell of things that are old and packed away. Most of the things had to be from the early 60's and maybe even late 50's. Again, what I would give to have them now!

I fully decorate my house from top to bottom inside out every year. I had so much fun when my kids were little. we would do a "grave yard" in the front yard every year and I used to get a magazine called Family Fun that had directions in it one year to make ghosts that you tied together and staked in the ground around a tree so it looked like they were playing ring around the rosy. Great magazine by the way if you have small children, it absolutely celebrates the fun in having kids and was always filled with great ideas.

I've decided that we're going to have a huge Halloween party this year. We used to have one every year and don't know why I stopped but I'm going to plan one again. I always do it as costumes mandatory but this year think I'll let people decide. Not sure what hubby & I will be this year. Sometimes we go as a "set" other times not. I have been pretty much anything you can think of from a witch to a belly dancer...such fun to be someone else for a night!! I plan games and we have lots of food & drink. My dog is also fully dressed each year and has been since he was a puppy. Last year I made him a fuzzy pink bunny costume, have to say that will be hard to beat! I have people that come to our house every year to see what Dakota will be...he's a good sport my old boy. He lets Mommy have her fun and knows he'll get a sucker or two while we hand out the candy.

Today I plan on doing a bunch of cleaning and laundry then I'm parking my butt on the couch and stitching and watching a scary movie. Whoo Hoo another perk for Halloween!! Love me some scary movies!! Have any of you seen the Paranormal Activity movies?? The new one will come out in theatres around Halloween and I will be there!! If you did see them I have to tell that my son messed with me with the kitchen cabinet scene in the second one when we got home that night. I went up stairs and changed (okay I made my husband go upstairs with me because I was scared) and when I came down and turned on the kitchen light he had "remade" the scene. Won't spoil it for those of you who may not have seen it but for any that have I know you get it. I swear it made me jump because I was so on edge! What a snot!! He still laughs at me about it! I have a Pineberry lane pattern called Fancy Blackett that I just started and am anxious to get lost in. I got it in a swap with some great Halloween goodes that I'll post when I get my camera going yet again.

So 63 days until Halloween but today it feels like fall here already. The breeze is cool, I have a pork roast & potatoes & onions in the crock pot making the house smell yummy, a can of pledge in one hand and my needle and thread in the other and actually have all my boys home with me today....that never happens!! I love the comfort fall brings. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Good morning!! So good to be back.
My mother in laws funeral was quite an emotional upheaval, amazing what families can sometimes do to your heartstrings. People make assumptions without really know what is going on and it can be unfortunate when that happens.
We were unable to make the viewing for her and it tore my husbands heart out. He had quite possibly the hardest decision of his life to make and as he couldn't be in two places at one time we had to miss it. We however drove all night to get to the actual funeral and almost missed being able to see her as they were going to close the casket that night to take her to the church in the morning and would not reopen it. Thank God for my sister in law that she begged them to wait for us and set up a time in the morning for us to go in alone and say our goodbyes.
With everything else that has been going on in our lives it nearly tore my husband apart, he was barely able to make it to the casket and had to sit down and completely lost it. I felt so completely helpless. We were emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted from dealing with our day to day battles and for him to let her go....especially with so much unfinished business in his heart and so many hurt feelings it was beyond difficult.
Unfortunately his family did not understand out missing the viewing and probably never will. I tried to reach out to a couple of people for a small explanation and they would not speak to me. Other assumptions I think had been made. Sad, families are supposed to pull together at times like this. If we had in any way been asked about the timing of the funeral seeing how we were coming from out of town this could have all have been avoided. My husband is a broken man right now...but I will get him on his feet.
Now we move on and refocus on our family and keep trying to fix what we can and hope and pray in the days to come for a good outcome with our son and the dilemma he is in. I wish I had the magic to just make it all go away but all I can be is strong for him. I know this all sounds so confusing but I cannot get into the details...just again ask that maybe you keep his safety in your prayers.
As for my changes after a year and a half of being laid off I was given an incredible job offer. A life changing job offer. Good luck has not been in our favor for so long that I have to keep pinching myself to make sure that I am awake and it's real. I have a final interview I will travel to New York for on Friday and will be given my start date and cross the T's and dot the I's. I will be taking a position as an assistant manager for a department in Big Lots. Totally unexpected and totally amazing...
With this job brings the knowledge and security that I will never have a utility shut off again or never worry what I will feed my family for dinner. It's been a long year.
As soon as we are completely on our feet the first thing I will do is make a huge donation to the food pantry and that will be an ongoing monthly gift. I truly encourage all of you to give if you can. Just when you think that things can't happen to you it can all fall apart in the blink of an eye...hunger for your children is the most painful thing to see. With this job for me, NEVER again.
I've missed you all so much and am anxious to get all caught up with you and see what's been going on. I will still continue working on my heart lives to create.
Hope you've all been to check in on all of you!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

~*My Mother In Laws Passing*~

I apologize for getting off the track of my week of gratitude.
My mother in law had been sick for a long time and passed away this week, tomorrow we will head to Delaware for the funeral. My heart is heavy for my husband.
This was our last living parent and now this chapter closes completely.
We will return on Monday and I will be with you again then.
Keep us in your thoughts for a safe trip and prayers for his family as they find their way through the loss.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

~*Gratitude Thursday*~

Today I am grateful for my creativity.
It has served me since I was a little girl and followed me into my adulthood.

Some people claim to not have a creative bone in their body, I disagree.
I truly feel we are all creative in some's just finding the right medium. You don't need to hold a paintbrush in hand to be creative...making something for dinner out of your pantry when there is literally nothing there or planning an anniversary party or other big event all requires creativity.

Creativity is not necessarily a finished work of art but the result of the connection between your thoughts & heart and what comes from the marriage of them together.

My creativity does stem in the most part by the work I do with my hands. I am grateful that I am able to put my thoughts on paper and design a sampler or a doll. That I can sit at my sewing machine and make curtains for my home or stitch up a bonnet. I love that I can do came from my mother.
She always had a sewing/craft room. I loved that room. It smelled of spray starch as that's where she always ironed, and of the pastel crayons that were on her drawing easel.
She sewed my sister's wedding dresses in there. Taking fabric and turning it into a princess dream.
She dabbled at her easel and drew flowers and still lifes.
But she never had the courage or faith in herself to take it the next step further and often apologized for her finished works of art. Sad, I wish she had felt the gratitude of the gift she possessed.

Today as I sit with needle and thread in hand I will let the gratitude poor over me that I am able to express myself through this joy. From my thoughts on paper to needle and thread on cloth it becomes an extension of me...really, how incredible is that?

Today embrace that creative energy whatever it may be. Organize that closet because you have such a clear gift of putting it all together, plan an outing to the park with your kids...that takes creative planning & thought, bake a cake or stitch along with me. Maybe go to a nearby craft store and see what speaks to you for fun. Remember those color by number kits? Who says they're for kids?? Take one home and create & keep it for yourself. Nothing has to be perfect, just enjoyable.

Wishing you creative thoughts and a quiet moment or two to embrace them today

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~*Gratitude Wednesday*~

Today on my gratitude journey I am grateful for friendship.
Friends are the cornerstone and building block of our lives, I have been truly blessed with many many friends in my life, thankfully I have always found it easy to relate to people and make friends.

Friends are there for the good times & the bad. To laugh with you and at you.
We talk about life, love and who we are or who we strive to your side they make you better and know that you are never alone.

To have this gift is precious, especially to us woman who have the tendency to question it all and wonder if what we are doing is "right". A friend guides you and will be honest...and we believe.

I have held my friends and they have held me.
I have loved my friends and they have loved me.

Blessings to all of my blogging friends...I am grateful for all of you

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~*Gratitude Tuesday*~

As my ongoing gratitude for the week today I am grateful for food.
I am grateful when my pantry has all I need to make a meal for my family.
I am grateful when I am in the kitchen slicing and chopping, stirring and tasting....feeding my family.
For when I am covered in flour as I make homemade bread, come up with a new recipe for cupcakes, or am simmering a big pot of spaghetti sauce.
For all of the bounty to choose from in fresh fruits and vegetables, and for the hands that grow them so I may bring them home to my family
For the aromas that come from the kitchen and fill my home.
For the fact that I have a family to cook for. For friends to cook for.
That I am blessed to be a good cook like my mother was...and have so many happy memories in her kitchen cooking together and eating together, that she passed down the love for cooking to me.
I am grateful for the stuffed peppers simmering in my crockpot as I type. It means I will feed my family tonight. No one will go to bed hungry. We are blessed.
Today take a moment to feed your soul with *gratitude*.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Dru of A Fine farmhouse blog is having a week of gratitude on her blog....she has included some wonderful free graphics to use. Be sure to have a look especially if you have never visited her blog, it is absolutely wonderful!

It got me thinking that I NEED to have some gratitude for all the good that IS in my life...simple pleasures so to speak. So this week I will share what I feel are my simple blessings that I already have that money cannot buy, just what my heart can own & hold.

Today I am Grateful for
The early morning hours when I first get up and take my beloved coffee onto the porch and sit in my rocking chair. It is simply me, the awakening of the birds outside that have chosen my gardens for their nesting spots and bring my little parakeet to life inside my house when he hears them sing outside, and the occasional passing car in the early hours.

Sometimes I read or look through one of my magazines or decorating books or have pencil and graph paper in hand and work on my designs. Sometimes I just sit quietly and take it all in. I love the early morning hours...every day promises a new start and a new beginning and for that I am grateful.

What makes your heart sing??

Saturday, August 13, 2011

~*Saturday Pampering & Shopping*~

Happy Saturday to I type I have color processing in my hair and smell like coconut from the tanning bed :o) I was a hairstylist for 17 years and have to say I so miss getting my hair done in a salon (for free) with the good Paul Mitchell color. My old boyfriend from high school does hair and just recently moved back in town and I'm looking forward to him doing my hair once he gets his salon up and running but for now it's the under $5.00 dollar box of junk...but I'm gray & poor so it has to do!! Thought my hubby would give me grief about seeing him....which is silly as he has a "partner" (please NO judgment there!!) but he seems fine and honestly I wouldn't have cared anyway!!
My friend gave me her tanning package a couple of weeks and and although yes I know it is not healthy I have to admit it feels wonderful to have some color...I tan quickly too as I am of Romanian descent (my grandfather was born in Transylvania...maybe that's why I LOVE Halloween??). Have to say that my fat looks better brown!!
Off to do a little school shopping with my 15 year old son today too. I was at the mall the other night and found a store I had never gone into called the Wet Seal...had some very pretty almost vintage looking things. I don't often buy myself many clothes but boy could I have fun there if I had the cash!! I also went into Victoria's Secret (okay for me Victoria's disappointment ) and all so pretty but wow the know how many bras you can get at Walmart for the $50 a pop!! LOL  A girl can dream though right??
After this looong week I decided that today would be a let it go day....enough already.
Also hoping to go out with friends for a drink tonight. It's been YEARS since we have been out and I really am not much of a drinker anymore besides an occasional sip or two of wine but I feel like I want to be around a bunch of people and a lot of noise so we have to figure out where to go. I have no idea what bars are "fun" now. When did I get so old??
Hope you all have a wonderful each other!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

~*A Thank You To All My Sweet Friends*~

Wow, my heart is so full from the support you have all given....amazing that we come here as strangers and find so many friends! I so appreciate all the kind words & prayers, I am blessed.
There's such a tangled web revolving around my son right now, the days to come mean so much.
I saw that Mary of Gettysburg Homestead mentioned her daughter has Aspergers....that is the same as Josh. We also just found out that he may be a bit bipolar too. The only other thing that holds true to all the former diagnosis is his ADHD & OCD which honestly I think he can thank me for (I swear one of these days I will keep track of how many times I wash my hands).
It's a relief to finally know, it just breaks my heart that it makes so much sense now and it's all so apparent that I SHOULD have could have made all the difference in the world for where he is in his life right now. But now we pray...we hope....we pray some more...and we WIN.
Thank you, thank you, thank you my sweet friends.
To wake up to immediate strength and support means more than you know to me.
I have loved being a part of this blogging community for many reasons and now I know that it is so much more than just tossing our thoughts around.
You are all the best....guess what, the sun is shining outside.....think those prayers are coming our way.
**With Love**

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~*Trying To Find My Way Back*~

Hello to all, it's been a bit and I have truly missed being a complete part of all of you.
I have gotten on and checked in quickly here & there but my heart has honestly not been able to focus on much.
I've not been able to sit still for long moments, too much energy and too many thoughts to try and relax.....this morning seems a little better and I am going to try to enjoy all of your posts that I have missed.
I want this blog to be a happy place....I truly do....I am truly trying
But I again reach out to all of you for prayers & good energy for my family
I am a strong woman
I keep telling myself that even when I feel as if my legs are about  to buckle underneath me.
Please be patient and know that soon I WILL have all the wonderful simple things that everyday brings back again.....I will share my simple life of stitching and creating.
Just a little longer.....hopefully just a little longer.
My oldest son was just diagnosed with Autism and I encourage all of you to understand and look for the symptoms in your own loved ones....what a difference knowledge can make.
We have been misdiagnosed for 20 years, accepting Tourette's Syndrome as a final diagnosis when he was in 4th grade.
Let me tell you it was no easy task to get there either.....the medical profession can really let you down. Upon my last visit with a FORMER pediatrician I was advised to "Take him home and give him a good whooping to get some respect back".
NEVER went back....only to pick up his medical records.
Doctors, specialists, therapists......good days, bad days
And now we start all over from scratch to help him.....funny that the symbol for Autism is puzzle pieces, honestly it's all falling together like the pieces of a puzzle, it all makes sense now
If only we had know all those years ago, what a difference it would have made for us now......
It is all such a mess....
He is beautiful, he is gentle, he is kind
He is scared
And so are we
This road we are traveling will hopefully bring us strength and hope and most of all security.
PLEASE pray for him right now....pray for us as we are walking into the dark right now and need some light
Each day will get us beyond the last and closer to the next...we have a long way to go but I have to have faith that everything will work out.....I will fight for my child.
Thanks so much for letting me open my heart once again, I promise you that I will be bringing happiness here again in the near tears are building a rainbow for Josh
Miss you your family and enjoy each blessed day together

Monday, August 1, 2011

~*Life In The Way*~

Good Monday morning to all of you.
Hope you all had a good weekend and found a few moments to enjoy a little R&R or catch up time.
I apologize for being a little non-existent on here, won't bore you with all the details but lets just say "life has been in the way" a bit for me these past long days.
I have many things going on this week & really hope to accomplish some things that are dangling by loose threads both physically & emotionally. I'd rather hide under the covers with chocolate, a box of tissues & the tv remote but I don't think that's an option. Have to put on my big girl pants and a smile and step forward.
I apologize in advance if I am not around for a bit....I will try but honestly don't know what the next few days will bring to me or for me.
I'm going to have to dig really deep to find some inner strength to push through some things, make some decisions and make my path.
The twists & turns of life keep you on your toes do they not?? To be 5 again and only have to decide what ball gown Barbie will wear today...what sweet unknown bliss hangs in our hands back then!
If you all could maybe send a little positive energy my way & a little good Karma that would be great....I could really use some extra reinforcements right now.
Hope you all have a wonderful's to all us girls that know how to fight the fight and keep on going...Amen.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~*Work, Behind.....Work, Behind*~

Do you ever get that feeling that you're like a hamster on its wheel running and running and staying in the same place no matter how fast you go?
Right now that's the way I feel!! The heat has finally settled draining! But I am so drained by ALL the tasks I have at hand that I keep going back & forth on.
Bedroom redo....still in progress
Organizing-sorting craft supplies....still in progress
Getting my patterns ready for sale....still in progress
Odds & ends(shelves with one coat of paint, pillows that need stuffed & finished, samplers that need framed etc. etc.)....still in progress
HOUSECLEANING.....sorry to say my floor has not been mopped in over a week now and my can of pledge has been waiting for longer than that.
Do any of you hit this point??
I look at all of your wonderful blogs and think I am the only one. I tease about having ADHD but I honestly think I do. My brain never shuts off and my hands can never be idle...which would be fine if I didn't feel as if I was running in 10 different directions!! question is am I alone here??
I could really use some feedback to let me know that I'm not the only one that gets in over my head with great intentions & too little time!
Help me girls!!
Okay...I'm off to start a new just kidding...or am I???
Blessings from your ADHD poster child blogger  ~Kriss~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~*Gable House Musings Giveaway*~

Misi at 1890 Gable House Musings is having a wonderful giveaway! You won't want to miss taking a chance on this one...Mary's dolls are wonderful! Here is the info as she had it posted on her blog...good luck!!

To enter the Giveaway
You must be a follower of my selling Blog

You must comment on this post
& Then send Mary an email- Welcoming her to Gable House Goodes

OR you can advertise this Giveaway on your blog sidebar

For an extra chance in the drawing - You can register a purchase- when you purchase from Gable House Goods make note in the payment for a second entry in the giveaway.

The drawing will be held Friday August 26th

Sunday, July 24, 2011

~*Giveaway from Brenda of Rusty Thimble*~

Brenda from the Rusty Thimble is having a great giveaway on her blog. You have many chances to win & get to pick from 5 things!! It would be hard to pick as everything is so wonderful!! Be sure to check it out and let her know that I sent ya!!  ~Kriss~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~* Free Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern Giveaway*~

Happy Wednesday....maybe a bit of a break from the heat here today.
Hope you have all enjoyed the tutorial & pattern from Mary & myself. I'm going to be doing a giveaway with a bit of a twist to follow up on our cross stitching journey.
I will be giving one of my Halloween cross stitch patterns to the first person that completes & posts (be sure to let me know!!) a picture of one of the finished designs that Mary and I each offered for free with our tutorial. There will be two for my design and one for Mary's. The only other rule for the giveaway is that you must be a follower for both Mary & myself.
Pretty simple!!
I'll be posting a picture of the design you will receive tomorrow. I'm still working with converting my designs to PDF files so you will hopefully have the choice of either receiving it as an e-pattern or a mailed hard copy.
There's no deadline for this giveaway...whoever gets it stitched and posted first will be the winner. You have to make sure you let me though as soon as you post it.
I had a huge problem with putting my email on here & received a ton of spam and actually think that I got the huge virus that messed up my computer from it so here's my email a bit broken up....just put it all together :o)
kp primitives @ hotmail dot com
Hoping that many of you are stitching whether a long time or new stitcher.
Looking forward to seeing some of those finished pieces!! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~*Swap From Samplermakers*~

Good morning, is everyone sweltering in this heat??
Whew...when you just sit and sweat it's hot...I personally like to have to work for my sweat and usually opt not too  :o)  Maybe I'll shed a couple of pounds?? Okay, wishful thinking there!
Want to share some wonderful items I got in a swap I participated in thru a group I belong to run by Lori of Notforgotten Farms called Samplermakers. My swap partner is a sweetheart named Wanda and she totally hit the mark with all my goodes!!
Check out her blog at 
 You'll be glad you stopped by for a visit!!
Here are some pictures of the things she sent
It all came in this cute little bag too!! A great pattern by Stacey Nash, the fabric (linen...oh my!! I always stitch on osnaburg because it's less expensive...this linen will be a treat!!), floss needed, fabric for finishing the drum pinkeep, a stitching magnifier and the CUTEST little scissors I have ever seen!!
Here's a better picture of the bag. It's a perfect size to store stitching supplies!
Are these not the CUTEST scissors you have ever seen?? She even has dark hair like me! Needless to say when I was stitching last night she was right there to snip my threads!!  Love her!
THANK YOU Wanda for such wonderful things!! It was a pleasure & I hope you'll enjoy what I sent to you also!! I actually designed a new pattern for a Notions box, pinkeep & pincushion that I packed all her goodes in but I won't post a sneak peak for the pattern until she receives her package!

In a final note my mornings on here are usually shared with my little parakeet Teeka...remember him? He was my mothers day gift from my oldest son this year. We have our mommy/bird time in the mornings after my husband is gone because he's afraid of birds...wanna see a grown man scream like a girl...get the bird out and let him fly a little! Maybe I should as a threat to get those dirty boxers in the hamper and not on the floor...hmmmm....
My dog Dakota has found Teeka to be quite fascinating now and I let them have a a little blurry but still sweet. Teeka is molting right now so excuse his hairdo....
Have a great day and don't forget to check the cross stitching tutorial & free cross stitch patterns from me and Mary of Gettysburg Homestead .


Sunday, July 17, 2011

~*Cross Stitch Tutorial & Free Sampler Pattern*~

Welcome to the wonderful world of cross stitch!!
This tutorial is to help any of you that have ever wanted to stitch but has never had the opportunity to be shown how.
Mary at Gettysburg Homestead is responsible for bringing you this tutorial. She's a lefty and I'm a righty so she asked if I could help all you other right handers out there.Click on her name and it will take you to her blog.
She has a previous post for all the basic information you will need and did a wonderful job breaking it all down. Now I'll add my own spin to it.
***Have to tell you I had MANY problems loading my pictures so you might have to go back and forth a little but they should still make sense to you.***

Let's get started!!
First you will need your basic supplies. Cross stitching is fairly inexpensive depending on the supplies you use. Below is a list of what you will need to begin.
There are many types to choose from with linen being the most expensive to osnaburg being the most economical. The most common are:

Aida Cloth~ This comes in different "counts" with the higher the count the smaller the weave and the smaller your stitches will be. This is my least favorite fabric to stitch on as I feel it doesn't have the "old" look that we all love in our finished designs. It is however probably the easiest to use if you are a beginner stitcher. Consider using this to help you get a feel for counting your stitches and then play with other fabrics once you are more comfortable.

Linen~Linen is the most expensive but the most beautiful and authentic looking fabric to stitch on when working an old looking sampler or design. It comes in various shades.

Osnaburg~ This is my number one choice to stitch on. This has close to the same look and feel of linen and stains up beautifully. It's also very inexpensive at under $4.00 a yard.

I personally don't prewash my fabric before stitching.Some people have mentioned having problems with shrinking when they stain their piece but I always use fabric at least 4" larger than my finished design area and have never had a problem. It is completely up to you. If you do wash it don't use any fabric could affect you staining process.

2. Floss~ There are a few different types of floss. I can only tell you about DMC floss as that's all I've ever used. It's readily available at most craft/fabric stores. Each pack of floss is called a skein.

You can choose plastic or wood. I use plastic as I feel it keeps my fabric tighter during stitching. They come in many different sizes. If you buy just one hoop I would recommend an 8" or 10". This will give you plenty of stitching area to see alot of the design you are working.

4.Scissors & Needle~
Any sharp scissors will do but if you plan on doing a lot of needle work I would suggest buying a pair of embroidery scissors. They're small and easy to pack with your supplies and are nice & sharp. I have had mine for years and they're still like new.
Your needle should be nice and sharp. Stay away from the blunt end styles as they can be hard to pull thru your fabric and are usually thick.

5. Pattern~
There are so many to choose from that you could stitch one a day and never run out! Though my own personal taste I enjoy patterns by Notforgotten Farm, The Goode Huswife, Stacey Nash,Country Rustic Primitives,Pineberry Lane and Primitive Bettys to name a few. Remember to check the patterns by Mary and myself too!! I'll be listing mine on here and Patternmart in the near future!!

Now it's time to start stitching!!

The first thing you need to do is find the center of your pattern design and the center of your fabric.
Most patterns have the center marked with arrows on the top and sides that you follow together to reach the center. If not marked simply count the rows from top to bottom and side to side and mark where they meet. I usually lightly mark this spot with pencil.
There may not be a stitch right in this spot, if not you will just count over and start at the closest stitch to the center for your starting point.

To find the center of your fabric fold it in 1/2 and press the fold with your fingers to make a crease then fold in 1/2 again. Press the point where the fabric folds meets in the center with your fingers to make a crease. Carefully unfold and you will see the center, this is where you will begin your stitches.

Thread your needle referring to your pattern for how many threads and what color to use.

**You will make your first stitch without your fabric being in your hoop**

Each stitch is done in a "square". There will be 4 holes you will work that will form a "box". Top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right with one thread in between.

Bring your needle thru the top left hole of your "square" from underneath your fabric. Pull thru leaving a 1-2" "tail" of thread hanging free. You will not make a knot in your thread to hold it but catch this tail under other stitches to hold in place.

Now bring your needle thru the bottom right hole from the front. You will count over two threads from where you came out and down two threads from there...this is your bottom right hole. Be sure to hold your tail underneath and pull your thread thru gently on top so you don't pull out your first stitch.

Now bring your needle out thru the bottom left hole, this will be two threads over to the left from where you just went in at the right. As you pull this stitch thru check underneath and catch your "tail" under this thread.

Now put your needle in the top right hole, this will be two threads over from where you started initally. Pull should now have an "X".

Now it's time to put your fabric into your hoop. Your hoop will have a This Side Up mark. Open your hoop by twisting the screw at the top. You don't need to take it all the way off but loosen it enough so that it comes apart and your fabric will fit when you lay the top part of the hoop over it.

Lay your fabric on the top of the hoop with the lip on top (this will hold the fabric in place when you tighten the hoop) center your started stitch being sure that your X is facing the right way that you stitched it and puddle your thread underneath so it doesn't get caught. Put your needle in the fabric from underneath a little to keep it in place.

Now lay the other part of the hoop with the screw on top and push down to fit together. The little lip will come up and over a bit. Adjust the opening as needed. Once together begin tightening the hoop and pulling your fabric taut all the way around as you go. Tighten it all the way. You want the part with the screw at the top to be centered over your design. You want a nice flat, taut surface to stitch on. Make sure you don't catch the thread underneath between the hoop & fabric.

You are now ready to begin your design!!
Carefully look at your pattern to see where the next stitch will go. Be sure to catch the "tail" from your thread under a few more stitches to secure and then snip it off close to the stitches underneath.

I usually work from right to left to start. Just try to keep your stitches all going in the same direction with your last stitch going from top right to bottom left. This will make your design look neater than a bunch of stitches going all different directions.

When your thread gets 2-3 inches long you will need to start on another strand...or if it is time to change color. To end your thread do not knot it simply put your needle under a few stitches underneath and pull thru. Snip off close to the stitches, this will keep it secure.

**I cannot stress enough how important it is to count, count, count, your stitches as you go! Double check your pattern & stitches. There is nothing worse than having to pull stiches out after a lot of work is done because you are one stitch off! It happens to the best of us but the more careful you are the better.**

~Finishing Your Work~

You can either keep your finished piece as is or you can age it to make it look old by staining it.

I prefer to use a coffee stain on my pieces and place them in a distressed frame. Below are directions for each process.

Staining & Aging:
My chosen method for staining is a coffee based stain. Use 2-3 tablespoons of instant coffee and 1 tablespoon of vanilla for each cup of hot water. I like to soak my pieces in hot staining solution as I feel it stains quicker and gives a deeper color. Check your piece every 5 minutes os so until it reaches your desired level of darkness.
Remove from stain with a slotted spoon or tongs and squeeze out when cool.
Smooth out on a towel to air dry. You may also dry in the sun or in your oven on a towel lined cookie sheet set on the lowest temperature. Be sure to check every few minutes so you don't burn it. Drying in the oven can leave marks on your fabric so watch closely. I truly prefer air drying.

You will need a wooden frame to fit your work, black acrylic craft paint, Folkart Antiquing Medium#811, disposable sponge brush, soft rag, sandpaper and adhesive craft spray.
Take your frame apart and paint  with 2 coats black paint. Once dry sand lightly to remove some of the paint paying attention to where normal wear would occur...corners, edges etc.
Remove sanding dust and lightly paint on antiquing medium wiping off as you go. This will stain the wood exposed underneath from sanding and give it a nice finish. Let dry.
Iron your stained sampler and center the glass from the frame on top of the design. Trace around the edge with pencil and cut out.
Spray the cardboard backing of your frame with the adhesive spray and lay your design on top smoothing it out.
Place the glass back in the frame, put your design in and secure the back.
I cannot get the file to print out the DMC colors for you so let me explain what to use:

The flowers are 3858
The stems are 3051
The basket is 3781
The name, age & date are 3021
The little motifs are 869

You will use one strand of floss over two threads...just like I explained in the tutorial.

There you go!! I really hope this has been helpful to you. It was challenging to try and explain in words and pictures. If you have any questions you can contact either myself or Mary...we would be more than happy to help!!
Cross stitching to me is a relaxing and rewarding experience. I love to design and stitch, there's nothing else quite like it to me!!

Happy stitching my friends!!

A BIG thanks to Mary for trying to help me figure out all of the computer was so nice talking to you on the phone!! My phone never did get charged up enough to use!

~*Cross Stitch Tutorial Reminder*~

Just a quick reminder that Mary of Gettysburg Homestead and I will be posting the tutorials on how to cross stitch tomorrow. I'll be the righty guide and she'll be the lefty. You will be getting a free pattern from each of us too to help get you started.

I also won her giveaway for the pattern & supplies for one of her sampler designs!! I was shocked....I usually never win anything! Thanks's been fun over the past weeks getting to know you more and letting you laugh at all of my blonde moments!! Her designs are really wonderful and I know that you'll love the free one she'll be giving you!!

Happy Sunday to All   ~Kriss~

Friday, July 15, 2011

~*Happy 20th Birthday Joshua*~

My "baby" boy is 20 today!! I can't believe it....honestly...didn't I just bring him home yesterday??
Joshua was truly a gift, many years of infertility treatments and month after month of disappointment as I just couldn't seem to get pregnant.
I will never forget the day that I found out that we we're going to have him, my heart had never felt so full. I can honestly say that I don't think my feet ever touched the ground his entire first year of life....every day was a gift.
I am so proud and so blessed to be his mother...from my little toe headed blonde boy with big brown eyes to the fine tall, dark & handsome young man he has become today.
As mother's all we want is for our children to be happy and healthy, to give them the roots to grow.
I watch him on his journey into adulthood now, trying to figure it all out...who he wants to be, where his passion lies. A whole world to make choices from. He's still searching his heart for all of the answers...making his own celebrations and yes, his own mistakes.
Sometimes I look at him or hear that deep voice call my name and I don't see my 6'2 son but the little boy who used to spend hours just lining up his hot wheels cars asking me for a box of little man.
He may not need me to hold his hand to cross the street anymore but I will always be there to hold his heart when needed....a mother's love is never a question.
Happy Birthday Joshua....and blessings to me for having the chance to have you in my life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

~* Advance Information For Free Sampler Pattern & Tutorial *~

Good morning blogger friends. It's another beautiful day here....sunny, warm & a perfect breeze. After the spring we had this weather is most deserving!!
As you know from former posts I am working on a cross stitching tutorial with Mary from Gettysburg Homestead. Trying to get it all done to post be Saturday at the latest.
Wanted to give you the information on the supplies you will need to stitch my little sampler so you can have it on hand when you download the pattern & can start stitching right away....if you're like me you lack patience & I hate it when I don't have everything I need when I get a pattern!!
You will need the basics:
1. Embroidery Hoop - If you are going to purchase one for the first time I would suggest an 8" or 10"
2. Embroidery Needle - make sure it has a nice sharp end, you don't want the thick blunt tip ones
Your other supplies :
1. DMC floss in 3858, 3781,3051,3021,869  (one skein each)
2. Osnaburg Fabric - You can buy this at your local fabric/craft stores
    It's very inexpensive at under $3.00 a yard, you will only need a small piece so 1/4 yard will be plenty.
   ** If you've never stitched before you might want to pick up some Aiada Cloth (also available at craft/fabric stores ) The higher the count the smaller the stitches. You can decide what you want to start with to make it easiest to see and work your stitches . You might want to stitch on this first to familiarize yourself with cross stitch and then move on to the osnaburg which has a linen look to it but is a little harder to stitch on.**
Finishing Supplies:
1. 5x7 frame (thrift store and cheap Walmart ones are best!!)
   Get a natural colored one as you will be painting plastic or colored ones.
2. Black craft paint
3. Folkart Antiquing Medium 811
4. Disposable sponge brush or medium craft paint brush
5. Medium grit sandpaper
6. Spray adhesive
7. Cheap instant coffee & cheap vanilla

  Looking forward to getting you all started and sharing a pattern with those of you who already stitch!! Be sure to give a big Thank You to Mary for putting this together for...her heart is the sweetest!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~* Happy 50th Birthday Michael!! *~

My husband is 50 today!!! I can't believe it, there's no way that 28 years have passed since we've met! We've shared so many things together in that time, I feel like I "grew up" with him although he is 6 years older than me and I like reminding him of that LOL!! Pretty funny, he got something from AARP in the mail last week. Dinner on the grill for him tonight and off to get an ice cream cone later...he's an ice cream addict.

I'm surprising him at work later today with some homemade cupcakes. With black cupcake liners & black sprinkles of course!!

** Happy Birthday Baby!! **

Have another full day finishing up all my goodes...made a lot of headway yesterday. Really happy with the way everything is coming together and I designed a cute little sampler that you'll be getting the chart for free on here when Mary and I post the tutorials on cross stitch.
Hope you all have a blessed day  ~Kriss~

Monday, July 11, 2011

~*Why Do I Not Receive Posts From All Blogs I Follow??*~

Good Monday morning!! Hope you all had a nice weekend.
Wondering if any of you can tell me why I don't get all the posts from the blogs I follow on my sidebar?? I have so many wonderful followers that I want to keep up with and only get a few of the ones I follow regularly. I have checked and most of them post all of the time and I never know!
I tried to look in my account to set it up differently or something but can't seem to figure out what to do...I follow all publicly and remember initially setting up the account that I had the option of putting it on my sidebar but now I don't know where to go to make the changes. Help!!!!
To any of you out there that I don't comment on your posts please don't feel as if I don't care...I love to follow all of you and see what you're up to. It's the way I start my morning each day and look forward to it. Any advice would be helpful!
Busy, busy week ahead...
Two swaps to complete by Friday, my part to the tutorial with Tammy for cross stitching, still finishing up that bedroom redo and have to start putting together our "Meet the Team" picnic for our son's high school football team that we chair every year.
Wish I didn't have to great would that be??
Think I finally got the picture resizing figured out for my pattern covers too and hope to have them all online & listed for sale by the end of the week.....THAT will be a HAPPY update!!
Hope you all have a great beginning to your week!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

~*Henna Tattoo Flop*~

Okay...not the results I was looking for. I am convinced that I will need to use some kind of a different applicator. The design lines on my foot are the perfect width but the design is too light and the design on my wrist is the perfect color but too thick, I need to figure out the in between.
I also need to figure out a way to get the design drawn on paper and transfer it to my skin first like when you get a regular tattoo...I can freehand designs pretty well but it was really hard to get that control with a bottle or paintbrush and keep it even, kinda looks like a little kid did it and I am WAY more artistic than that LOL!!
I took a couple of pics & had hubby take some so you can see the finished designs but I'll be living with a bit of a mess until it all washes off  :o) The average life of a henna tattoo is 7-14 days depending on location and care. My foot should be gone soon and as I mentioned before I am a chronic hand washer to I'll be sure to include my wrist each time to speed it up.
I'm not giving up though...I WILL get this figured out and have fun with some designs until I can get myself another real next being and angel on my left shoulder in memory of my mom.
Earlene posted concerns over're a sweetheart! Henna is absolutely safe. It is a natural dye powder mixed with water & ucalyptis oil that just stains the top layer of the skin. The only danger is irritation if you have sensitive skin.
So here are the final results.....
 So light you can't hardly see it.
 The color is great but looks like a kid did it!!
 The ink spreads a little as it dries and makes the finished design a little bigger...another thing to remember.
Oh was a fun and interesting experience. I'll be on the lookout for supplies I can use to do it with more precision next time!!
Have a happy Sunday   ~Kriss~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

*~Phase One Henna Tattoo*~

Uh Oh, don't think this is going as planned. I read the directions, spent hours looking at designs on a site that offered "free tattoo designs" only to find out in the end it's free to look but you can't print out the designs without paying top dollar so then I spent another hour or so drawing out my own designs deciding on butterflies and vines for their simplicity in drawing out on my own.
The henna kit came with a squeeze bottle applicator but it comes out so thick that I decided to use a fine paintbrush instead when I started the design on my foot. Didn't think it went on thick enough so I decided I must have to use the applicator and the thickness must be necessary but now I have a globby mess on my wrist.....I'll post pics when it's all done but I honestly think this isn't going to be what I had in mind LOL.  I have no control over the detail that I wanted.

 These could work..............

 Okay, this doesn't look ANYTHING like the design I put on paper!!  LOL
 Globby & Goopy
 At this point I don't even know what the heck to do with this thick glop....Can you tell I have OCD and wash my hands probably 100 times a day, couldn't use any lotion prior to application though.
Not the delicate lacey floral design I had in mind!!

I got some emails from some of you for info so keep an eye on here for the final pictures & results. We'll learn this together!!        ~Kriss~

Friday, July 8, 2011

~*Suprise Visit With A Friend & The Search For Henna*~

TGIF!! It was actually a pretty fast week with having Monday off, can't believe it's already Friday.
Had a nice last minute visit with my sweet friend last night, aren't those unexpected times the best?? She's leaving to go out of town for her niece's wedding and needed a haircut so I went and got her and brought her here....had so much fun together!!
We haven't had the chance to visit in awhile so it was wonderful to just sit on the porch and talk & talk & talk....She's like a second mom to my youngest son and he was happy to spend a little time visiting too. We've decided that we are having a girl's night soon! I am planning a Saturday night in the next few weeks to have some of my best girls over!! Sweatpants, wine,snacks & maybe a good sappy movie.
It was great to have uninterrupted time sidetracking :o) Although we talk nearly every day there's something so much nicer about being together. She went home with a pretty new haircut, a tummy full of leftover pasta & cupcakes and I got the best part ~ to share it all with her!
This weekend I think we're also finally going to be able to get together with some of our other friends that we  haven't been able to see in awhile. Their daughter plays on a traveling softball team and every weekend is usually taken up. We're hoping for a cookout & bonfire....keeping my fingers crossed!! Same thing with her, we talk on the phone all the time but I really miss seeing her!
I was supposed to be with another one of my friends today for her neighborhood yard sale. About a month ago she let me know about it and we were going to do it but she decided at the last minute she didn't want to. I was looking forward to spending the time together as it seems like every time I try to make plans with her it falls through and I was really hoping it would work out this time. Bummer!! I've been getting things ready for the past week and 1/2  for the sale so I think my hubby & I will go to the flea market to sell it this Sunday. My friend that was here last night was originally going to go with me but she's leaving for the wedding early Sunday morning now. I have way too much time invested in sorting & pricing stuff & really need the $ so I hope it doesn't rain!! My husband actually enjoys the flea market so I think it will end up being fun.

Sooooo......I have a mission today. I am on the search for a Henna Tattoo Kit!! I've always wanted to try it and I saw one at Michael's a few weeks ago. Hoping they still have it. I have my 40% off coupon ready to go. I'm planning on a floral band on my left wrist, a little design on the top of my right foot and something small around my belly ring....yep you heard me right LOL Let me say that I had it done 14 years ago. My hubby was getting a tattoo and while I was waiting for him I decided I would do it as he loved the way it looked. Let me also say that it HURT!!!!
This was before every girl you see had a belly piercing so I was embarrassed that I had wasn't the "norm". It ended up getting infected and I had to go to my doctor & was humiliated LOL. I certainly don't show it as I don't have one of those nice little tummies but I keep it for my hubby.....the things we do for love!!
I'm adding a link to a great henna site I found if you are curious....hope I can find it!!
Hope you all have a great Friday!!   ~Kriss~

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

~*A Tiny Visitor*~

Look who was waiting outside for me when I took my coffee out on the front porch.
Life is truly full of small blessings if we stop and take the time to appreciate them. Be safe & well little one.....

~*Rusty Thimble Giveaway*~

Good morning to everyone, hope you all enjoyed your 4th!

Wanted to pass along a great giveaway by Brenda at The Rusty Thimble. She's giving away this wonderful witch...very sweet!! You have until July 14th to enter and she will draw the winner on her birthday (also my son's!) July sure to enter & take a chance!!

Lot's to do today. My Aunt is here form North Carolina and is coming for dinner tonight. It's been YEARS since I've seen her & I'm so excited! Making a big pan of lasagna for dinner, still not sure about dessert....going to food network after I get done here and peak at what Paula Deen has for recipes.

It's supposed to be hot here today, my air conditioning still isn't hooked up so I hope to get my cleaning/food prep done early before the heat truly hits. Still working away on my bedroom, have the bedding almost finished, got the curtain for the fireplace sewn, table & fireplace mantle are painted. Pictures soon!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!   ~Kriss~

Monday, July 4, 2011

~** Happy 4th Of July **~

Hope you all have a wonderful day planned. We're heading off to the beach for a day of sun, sand & waves. It's not often the four of us all have the same day off together so I'm looking forward to some time together!
Friends might go with us, still waiting for their daughter's softball schedule. If they go it will give her and I time to catch up and have some girl talk, sounds wonderful!! If they can't I'm hoping that book stores are open today because I'm on the hunt for a magazine my mom used to get called "True Story". Wonder if it's still published?? I grew up with that magazine coming every month. My mom was an avid reader & always had a book's how she spent her first quiet moments of the morning...a cup of coffee in one hand and her book in the other.
The magazine was a collection of short love stories, hoping they still have it! I'd be more than happy to lose myself in sappy love stories for a couple of hours  :o)
 Packing up some turkey, bacon,cheddar, leaf lettuce & tomato sandwiches, chips, watermelon, grape & strawberry salad, cucumber spears & dip and I'm cheating with some store bought cookies!! Wish I could take my coffee pot to the beach....I'll have to make due with iced tea! My plan is little cleaning!!
We went to see fireworks last night. There's a wonderful 50's themed diner-ice cream place by the beach where we park to watch the show put on by our local amusement park. Ice cream & fireworks on a warm summer night, what says summer more than that?
Took a few quick pictures of some of my garden displays. My home is very neutral in color inside, I love beiges, browns & blacks, but outside I love to use splashes of red and carry an Americana theme.

Bench display on the end of my front porch. Check out the Bee Skeps...I made these this weekend, they are so expensive but I've always wanted some for my garden so I plotted, planned & here they are! I'll be sharing these in pattern/direction form in the future for you!
Side door display. This door will be painted the same barn red as my front door. These steps are in desperate need of painting!! The flag on the ladder was my husbands parents, he found it in the attic...old & worn just the way we like it!!

Very simple display on a small table on my back deck, I want to add some white daisies to the jar with the flags.

Bench display on my back deck. I have collected a few of these blue mason jars and although I love them I just didn't like them in my kitchen. I decided to use them outside and really like the way they are pulling things together......I have a few "rustic primitive" pieces like this tray too that I've decided to bring outdoors. The inside of my house is more of a colonial feel but I didn't want to give up any of these things and have found that I love the way they work outside. I found the coolest solar lids for these jars but am waitinf for a sale as they are WAY too expensive.

This still needs something in the right front corner, thinking a trailing ivy plant in a terra cotta pot.
 I have the cutest display I'm working on that I'll be using next to my pool, I found a picture of a prairie dress that someone used as a "scarecrow" in their flowerbed...cute!! I painted a birdhouse I already had the red that is the color of my front door & am going to wrap grapevine around the pole. the dress will go next to it and I'm going to plant some white shasta daisies, blue salvia and hosta in the bed underneath & accent with a small bench & potted plants.....I'll post when it's finished!!

I'd like to extend a big Thank You to all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to our country. We have the freedom and blessings of this country because of them. Wish they could all  spend the day with their families and friends as we will....their sacrifice is our safety. God bless them all past, present & future!!

Enjoy your day...indulge in too much picnic food, some fireworks & hopefully a little relaxation!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

~*Secret Sister Swap Goods & Bedroom Re-Do Inspiration*~

Got batteries for my camera so I can show you the wonderful things I got from Cyn...what a sweetie!! Her handwork is amazing. Just take a peek at these......

Aren't they wonderful!! Thanks again made my day!!

Here are a couple of quick pics of inspiration pieces for my bedroom re-do.
                                                             *Fabric for my bedding*
*Some pieces I will be using....and there she is! My incredible canvas portrait I got at the craft show I did....isn't she amazing?? I have her history that I'll share with you later**
*I love this so much...couldn't / shouldn't have spent the money but for $30 I would have NEVER found a true hand painted portrait picture like this again!! Love her!*

Off to search for a cross stitch program I use for Mary over at Gettysburg Homestead...I'll find it Mary!!
Have a blessed day  ~Kriss~