Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~*Life In The Working Lane*~

Good morning to all!! Had a schedule change at the last minute so I don't go in until 12:30 today. Gives me some time this morning to enjoy my coffee and visit with all of you!
Really liking my job a much to learn but I thrive on new things and fast paces so I think I'm going to be very happy!
I'm off all weekend so my fall things will be coming out and I have a swap I need to get sent out. Hoping to spend a day cooking and freezing meals for the week so it will be easier to come home and just throw it together for my family or have the meals ready for my late nights so my men won't starve while I'm not here...
Hoping to also get some sewing and crafting in...but my house is slowly falling apart so unless the cleaning fairy shows up with her mop and broom I have a pretty goof feeling that I'll be playing house too.
Hope you're all well & happy. Enjoy the crisp mornings and the start of fall!!


  1. So glad you are enjoying your sound so energized! And lucky for your men folk that you make sure they are so well taken care of....When I worked, meal-making became my hubby's job...and guess what? He was so good at it, it's still his job!! Have a great rest of the week - and enjoy your weekend off! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Kriss I bet you are excited about getting that first paycheck!
    You asked what I was doing this weekend? I am going to The Old Granary in Quincy. I have set up a booth there before but this year I want to shop or at least check it all out. Hope I can find some prim pumpkins. She has at least a dozen vendors selling on the lawn. Great way to move out goodies you don't want to use anymore. Well enjoy your evening friend!

  3. What a nice blog, wish you be and stay happy in you're new job !!!

  4. Ahh, sounds like everything is going well at work. Oh yeah, you may have to enlist the help of your men to be the cleaning fairies... lol. Tell them you won't say a word :o)

  5. Oh girl, I know how quickly a home can fall apart! With 3 kids running around here, it doesn't take very long, lol!

    Thanks for always finding the time to stop by my blog for a visit and comment. I do appreciate you very much!

    Have a delightful week~

  6. Hi Kriss,
    Been quite awhile since you posted (or that I commented for that
    I know your schedule is very busy now - hope you have gotten into a good routine.

    Hoping to see you around soon.


  7. I am sorry things are so bad for you. I believe that things happen for a reason so look for something new and less stressful to begin a new journel on. I hope I am not too forward but may I suggest that you lighten your brown background and get rid of the dots? It is very hard for me to see your words. Have a blessed day.


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