Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~*Swap From Samplermakers*~

Good morning, is everyone sweltering in this heat??
Whew...when you just sit and sweat it's hot...I personally like to have to work for my sweat and usually opt not too  :o)  Maybe I'll shed a couple of pounds?? Okay, wishful thinking there!
Want to share some wonderful items I got in a swap I participated in thru a group I belong to run by Lori of Notforgotten Farms called Samplermakers. My swap partner is a sweetheart named Wanda and she totally hit the mark with all my goodes!!
Check out her blog at http://www.oldecrowmercantile.blogspot.com/ 
 You'll be glad you stopped by for a visit!!
Here are some pictures of the things she sent
It all came in this cute little bag too!! A great pattern by Stacey Nash, the fabric (linen...oh my!! I always stitch on osnaburg because it's less expensive...this linen will be a treat!!), floss needed, fabric for finishing the drum pinkeep, a stitching magnifier and the CUTEST little scissors I have ever seen!!
Here's a better picture of the bag. It's a perfect size to store stitching supplies!
Are these not the CUTEST scissors you have ever seen?? She even has dark hair like me! Needless to say when I was stitching last night she was right there to snip my threads!!  Love her!
THANK YOU Wanda for such wonderful things!! It was a pleasure & I hope you'll enjoy what I sent to you also!! I actually designed a new pattern for a Notions box, pinkeep & pincushion that I packed all her goodes in but I won't post a sneak peak for the pattern until she receives her package!

In a final note my mornings on here are usually shared with my little parakeet Teeka...remember him? He was my mothers day gift from my oldest son this year. We have our mommy/bird time in the mornings after my husband is gone because he's afraid of birds...wanna see a grown man scream like a girl...get the bird out and let him fly a little! Maybe I should as a threat to get those dirty boxers in the hamper and not on the floor...hmmmm....
My dog Dakota has found Teeka to be quite fascinating now and I let them have a moment...pictures a little blurry but still sweet. Teeka is molting right now so excuse his hairdo....
Have a great day and don't forget to check the cross stitching tutorial & free cross stitch patterns from me and Mary of Gettysburg Homestead .



  1. How wonderful, great swap treasures. I hope Teeka and Dakota become the best of friends.

  2. Wonderful swap goodies, Kriss! Can't go wrong with a Stacey Nash design!! Teeka and Dakota are so cute!! Little Teeka wouldn't stand a chance around our snow dog!! Glad to see he's making friends with Dakota! (Or, is that the other way around?!) Stay cool! We've got the hot muggies here too! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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