Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~*Work, Behind.....Work, Behind*~

Do you ever get that feeling that you're like a hamster on its wheel running and running and staying in the same place no matter how fast you go?
Right now that's the way I feel!! The heat has finally settled draining! But I am so drained by ALL the tasks I have at hand that I keep going back & forth on.
Bedroom redo....still in progress
Organizing-sorting craft supplies....still in progress
Getting my patterns ready for sale....still in progress
Odds & ends(shelves with one coat of paint, pillows that need stuffed & finished, samplers that need framed etc. etc.)....still in progress
HOUSECLEANING.....sorry to say my floor has not been mopped in over a week now and my can of pledge has been waiting for longer than that.
Do any of you hit this point??
I look at all of your wonderful blogs and think I am the only one. I tease about having ADHD but I honestly think I do. My brain never shuts off and my hands can never be idle...which would be fine if I didn't feel as if I was running in 10 different directions!! question is am I alone here??
I could really use some feedback to let me know that I'm not the only one that gets in over my head with great intentions & too little time!
Help me girls!!
Okay...I'm off to start a new just kidding...or am I???
Blessings from your ADHD poster child blogger  ~Kriss~


  1. I am pretty sure you are not alone for I am in the same place in life.My house used to be so nice now I seem to be lucky to get the laundry and dishes done. But I am lucky to be blessed with grandchildren to watch and enjoy. Seems to be the most important thing right now. My sewing rooms looks like it should be condemed but I am still able to occasionaly create something. I do beleive we are in good company because we can all be thankful to have creative minds. Enjoy your life, for it is way to short....

  2. Oh Kriss...I always say "If it weren't for stress I'd have NO energy!!" but, I like it like's a tip from a fellow ADHD-sister....finish at least ONE thing a day...don't make huge goals and reward yourself with some stitching time when you do finish that one thing....
    You are SO not alone!!!
    xxxx's to you!

  3. I can surely identify with you! If you could see my craft table and I'm itchin' to start more patterns!
    Thanks for following my blog too!

  4. You're too funny, Kriss...but definitely not alone! Every night I lay awake plotting all I HAVE to get done the next day....Next day comes and that night I just add to the list b/c it seems as tho I got nothing taken off yesterday's the list just grows....And mopping? Are you kidding? Just get some of those cleaning flip flops like Lil Raggedy Angie has....! ;o) Hang in there - you are, in fact, making progress....And I would wager much more than I am!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Hi, Kriss ~ you sound just like me and even when I go to bed I can't get my brain to settle down so I can get some much needed rest. I make lists and keep adding to them, I do believe I set super unrealistic goals for myself but I do get lucky now & then and finish a few things, lol. Good luck and don't worry, you certainly aren't alone. Great topic by the way.

  6. I am not alone!! You girls got me in a better place :o) Sometimes I think we just need to slow down a bit to move faster if that makes sense!! Thanks for being there!! ~Kriss~

  7. Oh my you are speaking to the choir I think. I have no excuses why I can't get things done or stay "on task" - I swear I was better and got more done when I worked full time but being layed off all this time has made me lazy - is it because "tomorrow is another day"? I don't know!

    I think also - our ideas flow so fast that we want it all and want it all done now that we never really get anything done. I've been trying to teach myself when my brain gets like that to just tell myself it's okay if I just work on this one thing and then later I can get to another (not always the case) it's hard not starting 10 things at once!

    Anyway - you are not alone and maybe it's a good thing after all!

  8. Love the blog and loved this post it so made me smile..I usually feel like I am going to meet myself coming back too LOL..X

  9. Oh don't we look cute sharing the limelight on that poster...
    i am the exact same way. Except My wheel is a little tilted.
    Let me know if you get any good tips.

  10. I am glad I found your blog! Thank you for becoming a follower of mine!

    No, you are not alone in the feeling overwhelmed camp! We (women especially IMHO) are expected to be so many things to so many people. It is exhausting and downright frustrating! I like Lori's idea of finishing one thing a day. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something but also allows you to indulge in a little stitching/me time. Hope you are able to breathe easier soon!

  11. I think I am always behind. :( I noticed you have a count down to halloween..i am having a tag giveaway halloween inspired on my blog.

  12. Hey Kriss~

    I sent you an email. If you did not get it you can email me at I hope you are having a good week!


  13. I am so with you Kriss!!!! My ADHD causes issues all the time. Nothing like having 10 things going on and not wanting to any of them.


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