Thursday, July 14, 2011

~* Advance Information For Free Sampler Pattern & Tutorial *~

Good morning blogger friends. It's another beautiful day here....sunny, warm & a perfect breeze. After the spring we had this weather is most deserving!!
As you know from former posts I am working on a cross stitching tutorial with Mary from Gettysburg Homestead. Trying to get it all done to post be Saturday at the latest.
Wanted to give you the information on the supplies you will need to stitch my little sampler so you can have it on hand when you download the pattern & can start stitching right away....if you're like me you lack patience & I hate it when I don't have everything I need when I get a pattern!!
You will need the basics:
1. Embroidery Hoop - If you are going to purchase one for the first time I would suggest an 8" or 10"
2. Embroidery Needle - make sure it has a nice sharp end, you don't want the thick blunt tip ones
Your other supplies :
1. DMC floss in 3858, 3781,3051,3021,869  (one skein each)
2. Osnaburg Fabric - You can buy this at your local fabric/craft stores
    It's very inexpensive at under $3.00 a yard, you will only need a small piece so 1/4 yard will be plenty.
   ** If you've never stitched before you might want to pick up some Aiada Cloth (also available at craft/fabric stores ) The higher the count the smaller the stitches. You can decide what you want to start with to make it easiest to see and work your stitches . You might want to stitch on this first to familiarize yourself with cross stitch and then move on to the osnaburg which has a linen look to it but is a little harder to stitch on.**
Finishing Supplies:
1. 5x7 frame (thrift store and cheap Walmart ones are best!!)
   Get a natural colored one as you will be painting plastic or colored ones.
2. Black craft paint
3. Folkart Antiquing Medium 811
4. Disposable sponge brush or medium craft paint brush
5. Medium grit sandpaper
6. Spray adhesive
7. Cheap instant coffee & cheap vanilla

  Looking forward to getting you all started and sharing a pattern with those of you who already stitch!! Be sure to give a big Thank You to Mary for putting this together for...her heart is the sweetest!!

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  1. This is very thoughtful and sweet of you and Mary to do. I wish there was something like this available when I started stitching years and years (ok AND years) ago.....I just kinda taught myself as I went....Good luck with everything! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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