Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~* Free Halloween Cross Stitch Pattern Giveaway*~

Happy Wednesday....maybe a bit of a break from the heat here today.
Hope you have all enjoyed the tutorial & pattern from Mary & myself. I'm going to be doing a giveaway with a bit of a twist to follow up on our cross stitching journey.
I will be giving one of my Halloween cross stitch patterns to the first person that completes & posts (be sure to let me know!!) a picture of one of the finished designs that Mary and I each offered for free with our tutorial. There will be two for my design and one for Mary's. The only other rule for the giveaway is that you must be a follower for both Mary & myself.
Pretty simple!!
I'll be posting a picture of the design you will receive tomorrow. I'm still working with converting my designs to PDF files so you will hopefully have the choice of either receiving it as an e-pattern or a mailed hard copy.
There's no deadline for this giveaway...whoever gets it stitched and posted first will be the winner. You have to make sure you let me though as soon as you post it.
I had a huge problem with putting my email on here & received a ton of spam and actually think that I got the huge virus that messed up my computer from it so here's my email a bit broken up....just put it all together :o)
kp primitives @ hotmail dot com
Hoping that many of you are stitching whether a long time or new stitcher.
Looking forward to seeing some of those finished pieces!! 


  1. Great idea Kriss - can't wait to see some of the finishes....I'm the slowest stitcher in the world, so it ain't gonna be me!! Have a great Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Hi Kriss: Such a sweet idea. I love cross stitch but would rather buy the finished product. My stitching abilities leave a LOT to be desired:( But....I will be watching to see the finished projects of some of the ladies in blogland.


  3. What a wonderful & generous thing to do Kriss. I know the winner will not be me, but I still plan on stitching both projects. I will let you know when I finish.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  4. LOL don't enter me, but this is a great idea. Besides I already have a head start. LOL.

    Did you figure out the PDF thing yet? LOL


  5. Morning Kriss!
    To go to my friends blog go to mine and click on my complete profile and she is on my list and click on it to take you to her.
    Have a great weekend friend!


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