Thursday, August 18, 2011

~*Gratitude Thursday*~

Today I am grateful for my creativity.
It has served me since I was a little girl and followed me into my adulthood.

Some people claim to not have a creative bone in their body, I disagree.
I truly feel we are all creative in some's just finding the right medium. You don't need to hold a paintbrush in hand to be creative...making something for dinner out of your pantry when there is literally nothing there or planning an anniversary party or other big event all requires creativity.

Creativity is not necessarily a finished work of art but the result of the connection between your thoughts & heart and what comes from the marriage of them together.

My creativity does stem in the most part by the work I do with my hands. I am grateful that I am able to put my thoughts on paper and design a sampler or a doll. That I can sit at my sewing machine and make curtains for my home or stitch up a bonnet. I love that I can do came from my mother.
She always had a sewing/craft room. I loved that room. It smelled of spray starch as that's where she always ironed, and of the pastel crayons that were on her drawing easel.
She sewed my sister's wedding dresses in there. Taking fabric and turning it into a princess dream.
She dabbled at her easel and drew flowers and still lifes.
But she never had the courage or faith in herself to take it the next step further and often apologized for her finished works of art. Sad, I wish she had felt the gratitude of the gift she possessed.

Today as I sit with needle and thread in hand I will let the gratitude poor over me that I am able to express myself through this joy. From my thoughts on paper to needle and thread on cloth it becomes an extension of me...really, how incredible is that?

Today embrace that creative energy whatever it may be. Organize that closet because you have such a clear gift of putting it all together, plan an outing to the park with your kids...that takes creative planning & thought, bake a cake or stitch along with me. Maybe go to a nearby craft store and see what speaks to you for fun. Remember those color by number kits? Who says they're for kids?? Take one home and create & keep it for yourself. Nothing has to be perfect, just enjoyable.

Wishing you creative thoughts and a quiet moment or two to embrace them today


  1. Great perspective Kriss...I agree, gifts of creativity come in all different kinds of packages...unfortunately, we don't always "appreciate" the package we're blessed with. I so wish I were more creative craft-wise, because that's where my heart is...alas, I'm not!! But I am truly grateful for those like you who are and share it with the rest of us! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Great words of encouragement gal:-) I'm like that when it comes to painting art. I don't have enough faith in my ability. My son can draw anything, like I could when I was a teenager. One day maybe:-)

  3. Kriss... that was so beautifully expressed!! Thank you for sharing of your heart like that! I sometimes am apologetic like your mom was. I guess there's a little insecurity there. This helps me to realize that I need to be grateful for even possessing the amount of creativity that I do have. Thanks girl!!! =]


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