Sunday, August 28, 2011

~*63 Days Until Halloween*~

I am a self confessed Halloween junkie! I have loved it since I was a little girl. I can remember the excitement I would feel bubble up in my stomach when I'd be on my walk home from school and get close to my house and see that my mother had her Halloween cut outs taped in the front windows of the house. I also knew that it meant the rest of the house would be decorated and it would soon be time to start planning my costume (which was on my mind pretty much from August on) and start helping her pack the goodie bags she would pass out on Halloween night. I would spend hours taking dum dum suckers and covering each one with a tissue, tying it with ribbon and adding eyes with a marker to make little ghost treats to tuck into the bags.

My mother had the most wonderful Halloween decorations that I would give anything to have right now. I'm not even sure what happened to them. Do you remember those big plastic decorations they used to make, the ones that were made of a bunch of little pieces of plastic somehow melted together? They were flat and you would hang them up. She also had this paper witch that had crepe paper legs that hung down. I remember the face scaring me when I was her eyes would follow me around the room. As I got older I would sometimes help her pull the decorations out and put them up. Everything always went in the same spot was like that for all of her holiday decorating. It was actually comforting in a way,something I could count on. As we'd open the boxes you'd get that first smell of things that are old and packed away. Most of the things had to be from the early 60's and maybe even late 50's. Again, what I would give to have them now!

I fully decorate my house from top to bottom inside out every year. I had so much fun when my kids were little. we would do a "grave yard" in the front yard every year and I used to get a magazine called Family Fun that had directions in it one year to make ghosts that you tied together and staked in the ground around a tree so it looked like they were playing ring around the rosy. Great magazine by the way if you have small children, it absolutely celebrates the fun in having kids and was always filled with great ideas.

I've decided that we're going to have a huge Halloween party this year. We used to have one every year and don't know why I stopped but I'm going to plan one again. I always do it as costumes mandatory but this year think I'll let people decide. Not sure what hubby & I will be this year. Sometimes we go as a "set" other times not. I have been pretty much anything you can think of from a witch to a belly dancer...such fun to be someone else for a night!! I plan games and we have lots of food & drink. My dog is also fully dressed each year and has been since he was a puppy. Last year I made him a fuzzy pink bunny costume, have to say that will be hard to beat! I have people that come to our house every year to see what Dakota will be...he's a good sport my old boy. He lets Mommy have her fun and knows he'll get a sucker or two while we hand out the candy.

Today I plan on doing a bunch of cleaning and laundry then I'm parking my butt on the couch and stitching and watching a scary movie. Whoo Hoo another perk for Halloween!! Love me some scary movies!! Have any of you seen the Paranormal Activity movies?? The new one will come out in theatres around Halloween and I will be there!! If you did see them I have to tell that my son messed with me with the kitchen cabinet scene in the second one when we got home that night. I went up stairs and changed (okay I made my husband go upstairs with me because I was scared) and when I came down and turned on the kitchen light he had "remade" the scene. Won't spoil it for those of you who may not have seen it but for any that have I know you get it. I swear it made me jump because I was so on edge! What a snot!! He still laughs at me about it! I have a Pineberry lane pattern called Fancy Blackett that I just started and am anxious to get lost in. I got it in a swap with some great Halloween goodes that I'll post when I get my camera going yet again.

So 63 days until Halloween but today it feels like fall here already. The breeze is cool, I have a pork roast & potatoes & onions in the crock pot making the house smell yummy, a can of pledge in one hand and my needle and thread in the other and actually have all my boys home with me today....that never happens!! I love the comfort fall brings. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!


  1. Kriss~ I'm a halloween/fall junkie too.Oh the excitement the crisp air and crinkling leaves bring.We had the same decorations.Mom always hung the mottled plastic jack on the door.Funny I just sold some of those.I kept the blow mold light though to put out this year for a nostalgic feel.I'm trying to hold off just a little longer on decirating but it will be soon.I'm bursting with excitement.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Hi, Kriss ~ sounds like you are having the perfect day today. I truly love Halloween as well, beginning the first of Sept. I start out with fall decor then start adding witches & goblins. A fall swap would be fun. Enjoy your stitching, I have all of the fancey patterns & adore them

  3. I could swear you are my alter ego....Everything sounds so, so, familiar - 'cept my mom didn't do any Halloween decorating - it was me....and, for some reason, I didn't like dressing up or going trick or treating - I much preferred to stay home and hand out candy!! Maybe because we only had one stupid witch costume that was falling apart and I had to wear the same thing every year - and always felt like I was begging!! But I do embrace the season - I already have pumpkins, sunflowers and crows out - next will come the scads of true Halloween decorations. Bathroom, bedroom, Shih Tzu - all of gets a touch! And I love all the spooky shows on tv - tough to watch them all and decorate too!! Enjoy, enjoy....been meaning to do a Fancey project myself....just finished up a Stacy Nash "very wicked" piece too. Have a great Sunday! :o) Smiles & Hugs ! Robin

  4. My oldest daughter was born on Halloween -- we have had such fun with her b'day!! When she turned 30 a couple of years ago, we had a big costume party.... just like we used to do when she was young. I INSISTED everyone dress up, even my mother who is 80 years old! Everyone seemed to enjoy it...
    I love the season -- am anxious to get the house decorated, too. My mom decorated for EVERY holiday -- loved all those 50's items that are long gone now. I do have a few old things I confiscated from my aunt many years ago.... when no one was interested!!
    Have a good day today -- sounds like it will be a nice one.

  5. I've just taken a break from Fall your excitement for Halloween! I laugh every time I think of my in-laws being married on Halloween. What a party that must have been! After decorating, FancyB is on my to do list. Enjoy your week and Happy Stitching!

  6. I'm waiting until next weekend to put out my fall things, but it's certainly my favorite season to decorate for. We had the witch with the crepe paper legs, too. I think there was also a cat like that. I loved walking home from school or piano lessons and seeing everyone's Halloween decorations. Sounds like you have a wonderful day ahead of you. Enjoy! ~Roberta

  7. Hi, Kriss
    Girl get that camera ready~ so want to see pics of all your decorations & the puppy dressed up~ giggles!
    Wonderful memories~ fun~ fun!!

  8. Mornin' Kriss!...what a happy note I found this morning in my email inbox...thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment on my blog!...your kind words made my day...thanks again!


  9. My grandma and mom were the same way! Everything always went in the exact same place every year. They had the cutouts for the windows and those melted down plastic ? things too. I'm not big into Halloween... it was ruined for me when I was in grade school and have never liked it to this day. Funny how things stay with you, huh? But we do celebrate it for the kids. My very favorite is fall! That's the one that I go all out for. =]

  10. Hi Kriss!
    I can't wait to see your Halloween!!!!!
    I have very fond memories growing up too. We couldn't wait for dark to start are trick or treating. It was always fun in school that day too.
    Now I have fun with my grandkids that night.


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