Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~*Life In The Working Lane*~

Good morning to all!! Had a schedule change at the last minute so I don't go in until 12:30 today. Gives me some time this morning to enjoy my coffee and visit with all of you!
Really liking my job a much to learn but I thrive on new things and fast paces so I think I'm going to be very happy!
I'm off all weekend so my fall things will be coming out and I have a swap I need to get sent out. Hoping to spend a day cooking and freezing meals for the week so it will be easier to come home and just throw it together for my family or have the meals ready for my late nights so my men won't starve while I'm not here...
Hoping to also get some sewing and crafting in...but my house is slowly falling apart so unless the cleaning fairy shows up with her mop and broom I have a pretty goof feeling that I'll be playing house too.
Hope you're all well & happy. Enjoy the crisp mornings and the start of fall!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

~*Day One On My New Job*~

A good day as I rejoined the work force! It felt so good to get up and get ready feel as if I had a new purpose so to speak. The Big Lots that I am employed with is beautiful. New and bright and clean. Let me tell you if you are looking for some great deals be sure to visit your local store if you have one.
All the fall and Halloween goodes are out right now and there are so many cute things in our store. Hmmm, betcha a little of that first pay check won't be going right home with me :o)
A little tired tonight not from working but from getting up at 5 after laying down at 3. I'm still on my crafting schedule when I could sleep till 6 or 6:30. I'll have to get my body readjusted to this new schedule!!
Thank you so much for all your good wishes, it means so much to have the support from all of you. Going to take a peak around then hit the couch with thread and needle for a bit. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

~*New Job*~

Good morning!! Where have I been?? All over and nowhere at the same time :o)
I've really missed all of you and haven't even had the time to get on here and look at all of your posts and catch up, I've missed you!!
Exciting news...I got the job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago!! They called me with the formal offer on Thursday and I start tomorrow! I am so blessed by this opportunity, it's been a loooong time coming. I will be an assistant manager for Big Lots. Still not sure which department I will be in, either housewares or seasonal. Seasonal I think would be a lot of fun (ok maybe not so much at Christmas...have I mentioned I am NOT a Christmas person??) but housewares will be fun playing house LOL!!
I'll be trying to get used to my schedule and swinging the whole work/home thing again for a bit so don't lose hope in me. I promise to not vanish just might be a little scattered for a bit. I'll still continue with my creating and have a couple of ideas up my sleeve but those I'll share later!
I'm headed to go and visit your blogs and catch up. Funny, I feel as if something has been missing in my life by not being able to get on here every day and check in! Hope you all have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful week.I'll talk with you all soon!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~*MIA For Too Long*~

Good morning my blogging buddies!! Betcha thought I fell off the face of the earth huh?? huge exciting news over where I've been either. No trips to the Bahamas or anything...just Walmart and Target :o)
I've been busy with so many this and that things....or as Mary from Gettysburg Homestead calls them UFO's.

School has started and football season is underway. My youngest son is the JV quarterback and got to dress for Varsity last Friday night. They got pounded but he was the QB in for there only score for the night...brag, brag!! I missed it as I went to camp at the last minute with a friend to spend the night. Felt like a bad mom for missing the game but he wanted me to go and have fun and I knew I really needed a night away. We got there late Friday night and had to leave Saturday morning but it was worth the 1 1/12 hour drive to escape for the few hours we were there!! I LOVE going to camp, love nature and the solitude and absolute quietness of the woods. My first cup of coffee was sipped outside enjoying the mist that surrounded the woods and watching a squirrel doing some kind of busy work. Each day should start that way...

Have lots to do today, I'm trying to get an order ready for the store that I sell too with some Halloween goodes, Finish up some dolls for a swap that I'm doing,  go to the library and research some angel tombstones for a design idea I have for a Halloween sampler, stop and get something to make for dinner and all the other domestic bliss like laundry & cleaning. I am SO READY for a day of just watching some scary movies in anticipation of Halloween and stitching my heart out. Darn maid keeps not showing up so I end up doing the cooking & cleaning's so hard to get good help these days....wait a minute, that's my FANTASY life!!  Oops...

Well, hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning taste of fall weather. It's been cool here and the sky has been filled with  puffy dark rimmed fall clouds. It's time for me to replace all my candles with the spicy scented ones. All my fall decorations are coming out this weekend too, yippee!!!

Keep warm, creative & love your families