Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiny Downstairs Bathroom

Good morning!! Shhhhh, the sun is out...don't tell anyone! I think it's supposed to rain again later but for now it's beautiful, think I'll go for a quick walk before I begin stitching!!
I have a full day today. I am behind on completing my patterns & need to work uninterrupted for at least a couple of hours.  We have been having a major flea problem & I got all the stuff yesterday to wash the dog, powder the cat ( he DOES NOT like me....still hasn't forgiven me for washing him last summer after he snuck out and got sprayed by a skunk and last night as I was dosing him in the flea powder he was a little peeved), and spray down the floors & furniture. Fingers crossed that this works!!
We have to leave the house for an hour after I spray so the dog will get to go for a ride and the cat will have to be in his carrying cage on the front porch for awhile (more brownie points for me there!). After I get back I'll have to sweep every nook, cranny & corner to get all the dead fleas...yuck!!  Then a baseball game at my son's high school tonight. You're jealous right?? I know, the life of a princess is pretty rough!!
I took some pictures of my tiny downstairs bathroom. We hung a wood ceiling last spring & I still haven't put a finish on it as I can't decide to stain it oak or paint it bright white, what do you think? I want to repaint the walls a lighter color and paint the vanity & mirror. After all that I might just sew some new curtains & shower curtain. I also need to tweek the shelf a little, maybe some greens or drieds? It's hard to get good pics because it's so small but thought I'd share the before pics with you. Hope you all have a great day...I love it when you visit & leave me comments!!   ~Kriss~


  1. Very cute potty. I like the idea of staining the ceiling. I love the quilt shelf in there too.
    Granny Trace

  2. Thanks for visiting Granny...I think I'll probably end up staining it! ~Kriss~


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