Friday, May 20, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway

Good morning everyone! Have to admit I am a morning person...sorry to all of you out there that hate those of us who jump out of bed ready to go!! My morning just got better as I see I hit 30 followers...whoo hoo!! That was my first goal! I've been busy getting a pillow ready for a personal swap, still finishing my patterns and I just signed on for my first craft show. As a token of my gratitude for those of you following my humble little blog I will be doing a giveaway...keep an eye out for the details & picture of what I've made for you! What a great way to start my morning....thanks to all of you!!   ~Kriss~


  1. WooooHoooo,
    Congratulations know after we do the swap you might just have more followers! lol

    Your products and posts are wonderful - good luck.


  2. Karen you are the sweetest!! Just knowing you'll have one of my pieces in your home makes me happy! I'll be sending it out tomorrow, I'll drop you an email ~Kriss~

  3. Yahoo!!!! You will get more I am sure!
    You have great posts!


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