Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~*Blog Contest From My Colonial Home*~

A post challenge that will have a winner!

That’s right…just for posting you will be in the drawing.
And this is for my 4 year blog anniversary.
You DO NOT need to post about a craft, a recipe, travels, family…nothing like that…just something simple that we all will be able to post about.

Here’s the challenge and rules:
1. Sometime within the month of September I would like you all to do a post about ‘HOW YOU CAME UP WITH THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG”
2. When did you start blogging
3. Leave a comment here on my blog that you posted
3. Send me an e-mail with the link to that post and you will be entered  kmprimitives@gmail.com
4. Deadline for posting is September 28th (my 49th wedding anniversary) thought that was a good deadline date!

Prize will be shown at a later date.
See how easy that is!
I started my blog on August 31st of 2008 – just 2 days away from being 4 years.
I came up with ‘MY COLONIAL HOME’….not because of MY HOME but I had serious thoughts of posting about the Colonial era…how the families lived, their homes, their jobs outside the home.  Showing you tools of the home and work. Furnishings of the era.  How children lived during these times.  Even foods and recipes.

Very simple blog to do but for some reason I lost track and started posting all about me and my home after seeing what all of you out there were doing. It was a ‘fever’ that caught on to many of us.
Hope you all take the challenge.

This is the info from Karens blog....head over to join!!

I came up with Kountry Porch Primitives for two reasons, first because I am a porch sitting girl....year round as much as possible! I love to sit quietly or with friends or family. My dream is to someday have a house with a wraparound porch, what says country comfort more??
The second is because it was the name of my business...and the K for Kountry is because my name is spelled with a K and not a C. Seems as if Kriss with a K is not common!
My blog for me was a way to join the wonderful group of people that also loved to decorate in the primitive style, having no friends that have the same taste I get to share it with online friends instead!
I admit I'm a drive by a cute house window peaker....so getting to see soooo many wonderful homes through these blogs is soooo much fun, getting to know such a great group of people has been an added bonus! 
Looking forward to reading everyones story!!
~Kriss~  (With a K!!)

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  1. Hi Kriss (with a K) lol
    I so love reading all about how everyone got started - this has been the greatest post reading in a long time.
    Thanks for joining in! Good luck.


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