Saturday, September 29, 2012

~*Looking For A FREE Cross Stitch Charting Program*~

Hello everyone, hoping everyone is having a good weekend.
I'm hoping maybe someone out there will be able to send me in the right direction!
I am working on my pattern line to sell and lost ALL of my patterns on my old computer. I couldn't even back them up because my cd rom didn't work.
I've been looking on the internet and found plenty I would love to purchase but that isn't possible right now.
I had been using a free program before called LE Cross Stitch...from what I found it's no longer free?? I tried downloading the so called free program and got taken on quite a journey only to spen a few hours charting and having it tell me I could not print them OR save them until I purchased the program.
I need a temporary program to use for now. Do any of you stitchers out there know where I can find a free one?? Your help would be sooooo appreciated!!

Hoping to get my Fall/Halloween decorations on Monday so I can start decorating our apartment. can't wait to get my comforting colors of fall around me!
A Big thanks to the comments on my blog and notes I received about the pictures of our apartment in my last post. I'll let you know when the pumpkins and witches have come to our humble little abode!!

Have a great weekend
Hug the ones you love today

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