Sunday, October 7, 2012

~*Missing Posts From Followed Blogs & Easy Homemade Donuts*~

Happy Sunday to all, it's cold and rainy today (of course because I planned on doing my outside fall decorating today!!).
Getting ready to make some homemade donuts for breakfast for my boyfriend and his son who we have this weekend...yippee...he's a sweetie and I LOVE when we have him here. Check the bottom of the post as I'll share the easy and very inexpensive way to make the donuts!!
I'm going to start a pot of spaghetti sauce to for ~drunch~ that's lunch/dinner with my boys. Every moment I have with them is precious.
This was a long sad weekend for me, homecoming at my sons school and due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't be there. My son called last night as he was getting ready for the homecoming dance and I ended up losing control and crying on the phone. I tried not to but I am emotionally exhausted from all the events the past four months have put us through.
I hung up the phone, cried until my throat hurt, took strength in the comfort of Gary's arms around me and his words of love and got myself back together....okay, somewhat together.
I am so tired of other people having control over my life right now, I pray it's going to stop soon.
I am a strong woman, God knows my heart & soul.
So anyway I am wondering if anyone can tell me why I don't get the post from all the blogs I follow?? I have posts on my sidebar from blogs that were posted a year ago yet I don't get but a handful on my list? Am I doing something wrong? It frustrates me when I have to read posts on other peoples blogs because they aren't on mine???? Help!!!!

Here is the quick "recipe" but rather directions for the & cheap!!

*Can refrigerated biscuits
*Vegetable oil
*Plate with layers of paper towel

Cut the biscuits into four equal pieces each.
Mix sugar & cinnamon together to taste
Heat oil in a large deep pan until hot but not smoking
Drop 3-4 biscuits in the oil at a time turning almost immediately, these will brown quickly!
Once golden brown remove with slotted spoon shaking off excess oil and put in bowl of cinnamon sugar and stir them around to coat.
Place on paper towel lined plate.
Eat one....then another.....then another!!!!!

*You can also roll these in plain sugar or powdered sugar.
* I have made these dipped in chocolate, warm up a can of chocolate frosting in the microwave and stir till glossy and smooth (about 30 seconds at a time) and dip the tops.
*Boston cream donuts can be made by filling a freezer bag with purchased individual vanilla pudding cups (homemade doesn't work well, you need the consistency of pre made). Snip off a small edge at a corner and place in the side of the donut (make a small hole with a knife first) and squeeze the pudding into the center to fill. Sometimes I use a pastry bag and large tip if I'm making a lot. Once filled dip the top in heated chocalate frosting.
*You can play with this in many ways, I have made jelly filled rolled in sugar, finely chopped canned apple pie filling in the center rolled in cinnamon sugar, chocolate pudding filled rolled in powdered sugar.....go with your taste & creativity!!
Hope you try them!!!!
Have a blessed Sunday
Hug the ones you love


  1. Hey you! You've been missed...and I'm finally making it over to say "hey" - I'm having a hard time keeping up these days, so please forgive that it's taken a while.

    Gee...don't know what to tell you about the missing blog posts. I, personally, don't use the blog list or roll on my blog....I just go to my Google Account, and then to Blogger Dashboard, and catch the updates of the blogs I follow on my Reading List. (You can also use Google Reader, but I don't care for that...) I know there have been times when some posts don't show up on my reading list - but it's very infrequently - and usually happens because I've tried to "follow" someone, Google says I've signed on to follow, but, for some reason, it doesn't "take." I double checked and you're showing as following me, so that isn't the problem.

    I do know others who use the blog roll have had problems in the past - although I haven't heard anything recently. I guess, if you don't want to use your reading list, I would do a couple of things - In Blogger Layout, 1) check your blog roll gadget - making sure you have selected "all" blogs....or if you don't have "all" selected, that the ones you want are there. 2) If nothing else, remove the gadget and re-add it and see if "jump starts" things at all.

    Sorry I'm not more help...but I'm glad you tracked down some of my posts....I so appreciate your wonderful comments. As I said, I've missed you! Hoping and praying you find some healing, resolution, and peace in your "new" life. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Hi Kriss,
    So nice to hear from from you.
    First off, I'm so sorry to hear you are missing your son. What ever the situation I will send out prayers and positive thoughts that it all will be resolved soon. I hate not having control over things too. It's so frustrating. My life feels like it has been out of my hands for years. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that even though all of things are out of my control, they are never out of Gods. So I just continue to remind myself of that and have faith that he will take care of it all.

    I have the same problem with my blog roll at times. For me, it eventually fixes itself. Usually when it acts up I read the new posts in google reader. Sorry I'm not more help.



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