Friday, November 2, 2012

~*New Career*~

I've always been a firm believer in the being in the right place at the right time.
Since our motorcycle accident in June our lives have been turned upside down with many dark days and sleepless nights.
I lost my job at Lowes as I was part time and there was no job holding policy as I heeled from my injuries.
Upon being released to go back to work the end of August the looong process of job hunting began and was fruitless.
A few weeks ago I was in Giant Eagle (a major grocery chain in our area) and was near the bakery and asked if by chance they were hiring.
I had already filled out an online application but I figured I was here, why not ask right??
They were actually just starting to look for a cake decorator!
I am Wilton certified in all three basic courses and have baked tons of cakes for family and friends but I have never worked in a bakery but could it happen???
I talked to the manager
Got an interview
And got the job!!!
I have the last part of my orientation this morning and hope to be elbow deep in frosting next week!!
I will get paid to play with sugar and be creative all, pinch me!!
I am beyond excited!
My boyfriend was finally released back to work full time last week
I am now employed again
~Thank You Lord~
I will share the long road we have traveled when I am able to
I know some of my posts have been like puzzle pieces but I will put it all together for you when I can
New beginnings, hope & security

Off to finish getting ready, I am blessed
Have a wonderful weekend
Hug the ones you love


  1. Congratulations Kriss!Good luck with your new job. I think it would be great to decorate cakes all day!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  2. Lucky you! Thank heavens. A big load off your shoulders I imagine. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Congratulations on your new job! Sounds like you will enjoy it.

  4. Good for you, the new job sounds like a lot of fun. So sorry about your accident, and glad to hear of your recovery. I am your newest follower! Hugs, Lynn

  5. That's so awesome Kriss!! I've been away from blogland, just coming over to catch up. Sorry to hear about your accident but it sounds like if that hadn't of happened... you would still be at your part time Lowe's job. God is so good to us! Even though we wonder sometimes what is going on, He knows. How fun to play with cakes and icing and baked goods! I worked at a bakery for a few years and it was lots of fun.

    Congratulations, enjoy your new job~

  6. Hi Kriss,
    Oh I hope by now you are well into decorating cakes and goodies for Christmas celebrations.
    We haven't heard from you since this post...hope you are doing great and that your boyfriend is doing well also.
    Merry Christmas

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