Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cabinet Makeover

Here it is....not too bad!! I started it last Sunday night and had it done on Wednesday. This proves you CAN paint laminate.....keep an eye out for those ugly castoffs at the thrift store and yard sales!! The only suggestion I have is that you thin out your antiquing solution (I use Folkart Antiquing Medium on everything!) with water. I ended up having to retouch & reantique because it wiped so much of the paint off when I put it on full strength the first time. I couldn't find my little block of wood my hubby cut out for the turn handle but when I do I'll paint it and screw it on above the handle (the handle is new...just a plain wood knob). I see from the comments posted that other people have had success with this too. THANKS so much for leaving comments!! I was like a little girl on Christmas morning!! This blogging is going to be addictive :o) Hope you enjoy the pics!! Be sure to peak at my other new posts too....have a sneek peak at my patterns!   ~Kriss~


  1. That cabinet turned out great!!!
    I like the way you decorated above it too.

  2. Thanks Earlene!! I was pretty happy with the results...I'll be on the lookout for junk I can re-do now!! Thanks for leaving me a comment & checking back! ~Kriss~


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