Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Some Pending Projects....Ideas??

Good morning!! The sun is FINALLY shining here at least until the storms blow in later. Have I mentioned that I am sick of lousy weather? We went from cold & snow to cold & rain and all of this rain is killing us. We've had issues with our basement flooding for weeks now. My poor husband has spent hours down there working. We don't have the $ to have a professional come in although he has done everything they would. He was going to rent a power snake again last Saturday and had the basement dry & ready but it poured Friday night & flooded again so he couldn't do it as it's electric. He had to go out of town a couple of weeks ago and we had rain almost the entire time so my boys had to keep running the pump and watching it....what a weekend of fun! I lost so many of my cake decorating supplies & cans of paint I had stored in the basement for future projects that it made me sick. At this point if it doesn't get fixed I'm thinking of converting the basement into a spa....just throw some bubbles in the water and light some candles, what do you think??

Anyway.......on the funner side (is that a word?) I have a couple of projects up my sleeve. I got this great little farm house table & chairs in February from the store I sell my things to. Swapped out the table for one I had bought awhile ago to resell that never sold & they sold me the set of chairs for &12.00 for the set!! The table was already refinished in this great mustard paint so it's good to go but the chairs need a little love. The previous owner painted....yes painted....the woven seats green and there is stenciling on the chair backs. The stencils are on the border of being okay but I have decided to paint them black & lightly distress them & TRY to scrub the paint off the seats. It's pretty dry & chippy so I think I might be able to. If not I'm going to paint (shiver) them over with a tan base and sew some plain chair pads. I'll keep ya in on the process!!

Here is where I need some advice. I have this cabinet in my kitchen and am not sure what to do with it. I hate everything about it right now from the finish to what I have on it....the brownware jugs are just on there to fill the space until I know what to do with it. Should I just sand the glossy finish & throw some stain on top, should I paint & distress so what again, brown, tan?? I should have taken a picture of that whole sits to the right of my refrigerator. I hate this whole wall....hate what's on the other side of the fridge too. Maybe I'll post a picture of the whole area & you can all help me get ideas as to what to do. I'll have to use what I already have here to work with so I'll be a bit limited. Any ideas would be great!! The only color I am against is red, like the look but I find I'm not able to work with it. My kitchen cabinets turned out on the red side & I hate them & can't wait until I can repaint. Help!!!!! Hope to hear from you!! ~Kriss~


  1. First odf all I wanted to tell you the little table and chairs are adorable! Great size and I nlike the color of the chairs. You do need to take a picture if the whole kitchen but I like the cabinet with those crocks on them.I would paint and distress it maybe a mustard color. What if you move it farther to the right and hang those 3 pieces to the left of it so it's not so close to the fridge and hang something above the cabinet along with the crocks. A sign would work. Maybe a topiary or some kind if greens. And a prim rug in front of the cupboard.
    Carmoul Color paints are great. I painted my kitchen cupboards with it. Long process.
    What do you think?

  2. Hi Earlene! Thanks for checking back! I love the idea of a rug in front of it. I can't slide it over anymore because the doorway to my laundry room is right there. I was just looking at the Carmoul Color paints online a few days ago, they seem wonderful. I'm going to have to check your pics & see how they look. BTW I was flipping through some of my old Country Sampler magazines & there you were!! I showed it to my husband and he loved your home too!! I'll have to take some full shots of the kitchen to give a better idea of what I have to work with....I really struggle with this wall because of the fridge. Thanks so much for the advice!! ~Kriss~


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