Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~*Organized, Crafty, Primitive Homestead Decor Idea Filled & Inspired 2014*~

Welcome friends!! Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were blessed as I was to spend it with the ones you love!! I hope you also enjoyed your New Years Eve    :)

 As much as I loooove to entertain and plan parties (and found some wonderful inspiration on Pinterest for New Years party ideas) and have enjoyed hosting numerous New Years Eve parties I'm always nervous about safe travel with the roads having so many drivers under the influence of alcohol on New Years Eve. We also ended up getting a ton of snow that I know would have affected the traveling conditions for many of the guests we would have invited.
 So getting cozy in my favorite yoga pants and thick warm sweater and sharing a quiet evening with my son and boyfriend watching movies while I sewed and making few yummy snacks to enjoy ended up being the perfect choice and a nice night!!

I am so excited about 2014!!

I always feel refreshed and motivated by the knowledge that I have 365 new days to fill with all my loves ~ spending time with family & friends, creating beautiful things for our home and for gifts,  decorating our homestead, cooking & baking, designing my patterns and organizing, organizing, organizing!!!
Ahhhh, the thought of beginning anew is exhilarating!

I've always been a list person. I LOVE the satisfaction of marking things off a list..... OCD?? okay :)
Having a Hopes & Dreams (aka Resolution) list has been a part of January 1st for me since I was a little girl.

My list for 2014
*Continue enjoying family time and spend more time entertaining & socializing with friends.
*Kountry Porch Primitives Blog ( I've missed it so much and am bursting at the seams with ideas to share with you!!)
*Releasing my Kountry Porch Primitives  pattern line (YES......THIS YEAR!!)
*Finishing organizing projects
*Organize our paperwork and find a good system to keep it nice and tidy as I don't have a designated office space to use.
*Organize and decorate our bedroom.
*Health~ Better nutrition, exercise & sleep.
*Write out my "Bucket List" and hang up for inspiration!!
*Read & FINISH Simple Abundance this year ( more on this book in a later post!).
*Embrace my spirituality. 

Do you write lists? Plan resolutions each year? Feel free to share!!

A quick rundown for whats to come in my blog.
I want this to be a happy, fun & informative place to visit. A place to share, learn and be inspired.
My main focuses will be on the art of homemaking~

~*And of course a place to share the love for all things primitive!!*~

I have some fun surprises and ideas, and hope you will join in with your own thoughts and ideas!
Be sure to plan some visits as my posts will be on a regular basis :)
We have 365 new days to begin!!

Here's to a Healthy & Happy New Year!

Hug and kiss the ones you Love....



  1. I hope this New Year is filled with peace and love and may all you do bring blessing to others and to the Lord. Have a great New Year.. Blessings!

  2. I'm a little OCD and love my lists too ;) I enjoyed your posts... it's everything I wish for too. The year has really gotten away from me though and I'm trying to hard to claim it back! I hope to see you back to blogging before blog.

    Have a delightful week~


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