Saturday, June 25, 2011

~*Bedroom Overhaul*~

Happy Saturday to all....
It's raining here today, so much for all my yard work plans. I can here my son's disappointment already "But mom I REALLY wanted to spend the day edging around the pool and digging that new flower bed for you!!" Okay a girl can dream right?? I think there's a chance he did a secret rain dance before he went to sleep...
Sooooo, on to a project that I have been waiting/putting off for a long time, Mission Bedroom.
I admit, my bedroom is THE room in my house that everything just kind of ends up in. Besides repainting it last spring in anticipation of my sons graduation party(which by the way I HATE the color...maybe another reason for avoidance) that is all that has been done.
I have a few things to decorate with but not many. I had gone through a victorian stage and sold everything at a flea market last summer and am now bare bones. I have many thoughts and ideas on what I want to do but am not quite sure. I've decided the best thing to do is clean it out, strip it down and start with a blank slate.
It's a good size room with lots of light so that gives me a good base. I have a faux fireplace mantle that I picked up at a garage sale last summer...nice brick but a questionable top. Paint can fix much but not too sure if it will fix that. There's a fireplace mantle at the store I take my things to and I know that would be perfect but I need to see if I can get this one to work first. I'm moving furniture around and not sure it's going to fit in it's new place. I'm starting my inspiration with all my base pieces and pulling it together from there.
I picked up some great large black plaid fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday...YEAH!! It finally opened, and early too!! I also got a small amount of black toile fabric and a great red fabric that might be able to mimic a coverlet pillow. I have a whole plan on the bedding I want to sew. Nice long pillow cases, a long neck roll pillow tied at the ends, mini black check dust ruffle, accent pillows in reds & toile. I might get more of the fabric I got yesterday to make new curtains as I'm not happy with what I have now.I also have a brainstorm idea to turn my headboard into a four poster.

So on the list today:
1. Empty room
2. Take all my crafting supplies from my bedroom and sort through all & organize
3. Try to figure out where supplies will go
4. Make son move out if I can't find space so I can take over his bedroom for a craft room
(Okay, maybe not....)
5. Clean, clean, clean
6. Drink, drink, drink
(Okay maybe not that either)
7. Stand back and let the blank canvas build my inspiration...
As long as I can keep using my husbands sign on on my computer I'll post some pics and look for some ideas from all of you!
Off for one more cup of coffee, a little front porch time with my decorating magazines and then on to the dust bunnies and fabric piles!!


  1. Good Luck with your project ~ it sounds like your going to busy allllllll day!
    Hope you accomplish everything on your list.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Sounds like a big job, but cant wait to see the finished project. Wish it was raining here..Lots of yardwork.
    Have a great weekend

  3. That sounds like an ambitious undertaking (or should I say "overwhelming"?) Even sewing your own bedding....holy smokes. Would love to see photos!! Color choice sounds fun....I sort of have a red and black thing going on in my bedroom too - only it wasn't really a thought-out plan - just sorta got hodge-podged together that way. Starting with a blank canvas is the way to go if you ask me! Good luck! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. I vote for he did the rain dance! LOL. I'm excited to see your bedroom redo:)

  5. Oh I can't wait to see !Good luck on your project!Hugs,Jen

  6. I wish I had your ambition Kriss. That is a good idea about starting with a clean slate.
    Have fun:)

  7. I say have fun with it~ enjoy~ ( of course some headaches from brainstorming) but so exciting re-doing a room~ look forward to it!!

  8. Ha my bedroom is the last to be decorated too. I just can't seem to decide what it is I really want. Steve won't hang anything because I change my mind all the time. So as you show yours maybe I will get inspired.

    On a different note is there a way you can email me quick so I can get your email addy. Steve's computer shuts down everytime I try to email you through your side bar. I need the info on charting cross stitches!!! LOL.



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