Thursday, June 16, 2011

~*The Loss of a Friend*~

I sit here completely phone just rang and brought me the news that my friend has died. How can this be?? She was only 42 years old and leaves behind two small children. My heart is broken.
Jill and I met in 1984 at a salon we both worked at. we were both new hairdressers and full of dreams and youthfull energy. We lost track of each other for a few years and then her family moves to Waterford and we reformed the bonds of friendship.
I watched both of her children for three years while I was running my in home daycare. Lindsey my little princess was first and then along came Robbie...a little ball of baby goodness.
Jill would stop by with the kids (they call me kiki...Lindsey couldn't say Kriss when she was little and kiki just stuck) ans her and I would visit...usually on my front porch while the kids played with the dog or ran around the yard.
I will miss those random visits.
I still don't know how she died, there are no details in the mind is racing with terrible thoughts.
They say death comes in three's. My Godmother died two weeks ago, my husbands aunt last week and now Jill. How can this be??
Please pray for their family, for her children that will grow up without her ( 7 & 5 ).
She will never see Lindsey in her wedding dress, she won't be there when Robbie's voice starts to turn into a mans....I will never see her freckled face again....I hope she is at peace.


  1. Kriss
    My very deepest sympathy~prayers for all~

  2. Hi Kriss,
    Oh my goodness I am so sorry - I know the shock of one of your friends passing so unexpectedly - it happened to me with a friend and it's devastating for sure.

    I pray for her family for peace and comfort...and you too Kriss - you were a big part of her life.

    Hugs, Karen

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will pray for her family & for her babies especially & for you to find strength in this terrible time.

  4. Oh Kriss - I am so very sorry. Words can give little comfort - but I will pray for you for understanding and for her family for peace, comfort and healing. How my heart aches for those wee ones...Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Kriss,
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Prayers going up for you and her family.

  6. (((( GIANT HUG TO YOU KRIS!! ))))
    Praying for dear family..Especially the children.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  7. Kriss, I am having a hard time leaving comments on some of my favorite blogs and one is yours, but Hubby found a cure. I am so sorry for ALL your losses and the loss of your dear friend. I am praying for her children and keep your faith. She is an Angel and she is watching over all of you!

    My Hubby and I lost a dear friend she was 32 years old and had a heart attack. You don't get over something like this, you learn to adjust it with your life. Keep your faith and remember
    the Lord is walking by your side!

    Prayers and Love,

  8. Oh no this is terrible! So sad Kriss!


  9. Kriss,
    So sorry for you loss. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you at this very difficult time.

  10. So sorry for the loss.Keeping you and her family in my prayers.So hard to lose people we care for.Hugs!~Amy

  11. Such sad news !I am so very sorry .My deepest sympathies and prayers for the family.May the Lord bring you all comfort and peace.Hugs,Jen

  12. My heartfelt condolences at your loss; I hope you find the comfort you need at this time. what a shock for you; sorry to hear.

  13. Thank you all for your kind words, they mean so much ~Kriss~

  14. Kriss I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I had a friend who passed away at is mind blowing and aweful. I agree with living life to the fullest...take care,cyn


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