Friday, June 24, 2011

~*Computer Virus*~

Just one thing after you ever get the feeling that you have a black cloud hanging over your head?? I have a major virus on my computer and honestly think it's past help. I will lose ALL of my work...patterns, pictures etc. and I am SICK! I couldn't back any of it up to CD because the CD didn't work and hadn't replaced it yet.
I'll be using my sons laptop from time to time until I figure out what to do. I need to get a new computer and they have a laptop on sale at the Walmart my son works at but I just don't hink I can come up with the $. I NEED this to be able to do my work.
I'll do my best to check in on all of you!!   ~Kriss~


  1. Kriss this is awful...been there!!!1

    I back up everything on jump drives...those little flash drives you just plug into your USB slot...and they are cheap.
    I got an 8 gb for $15.00! It will hold my entire desktop/ get one instead of a disc backup...well, disc backups are good too but jump drives are fantastic.

    Hope you get it fixed soon.


  2. Kriss I am sorry !That is just terrible ! Big hugs,Jen

  3. Ohhhh...major bummer! You have my deepest sympathies! Nothing makes this crow crankier than computer issues! Good luck - hope you get it all resolved! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Been there still doing that!!!! LOL... I so know how you feel. This time I did lose everything. Last time he was able to recover it so I could download it on a USB key. But I lost all my book marked sites. Grrrr...



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