Sunday, June 5, 2011

~*Craft Show*~

Good morning!! I think I can start to get back to normal! The craft show was quite an experience for my first one. Definitely did NOT pay off financially like I had hoped but it got my feet wet and I learned alot from other crafters there about doing shows.
This was at a huge campground facility a few miles from my house and was there first one. It was a craft/rummage sale & ended up being more rummage than craft. I did sell some things but people were more on the hunt for bargains. I met some really nice people,and got a wealth of information.
Around 12:30 the skies turned into the most horrible shade of black and the clouds formed into something that looked like it belonged in a movie. We found out we were under a tornado warning.....I was scared to death!! I lost my home as a teenager in 1983 and I have to tell you that I was ready to go into a panic. More than half of us got into an interior hallway where the bathrooms were and we got all the children there and waited out the storm. When the hail started I thought for sure there would be a tornado.
 My husband and 15 year old son were in town for a football scrimmage and my 19 year old son was at work....I felt so helpless & worried about them. Thank God it all ended up being okay.....quite an experience!!
I took a couple of pictures of the few things I was able to get made in the week I had to prepare, I used some wonderful patterns from Olde Homestead Barn & TFC Folkart for the americana things. Not happy I had pinball machines behind me...I'm attention deficeit and had to have the owner unplug them because there were too many different noises for my little brain to take at once LOL!!
I got the GREATEST canvas picture from one of the sellers there of a replica painting of one of her relatives who was born in the 1700's. She was even nice enough to call her dad and get the entire family history of her and write it down for me. You'll see her in a future post......amazing!! Her family hired someone to repaint the original & it is wonderful. My husband hates it, thinks it's spooky  :o) It's going over the fireplace in our bedroom and he's not too happy!! You're all on my side right girls?? Can't wait for you to see it!
So off to see what you all have been up to and then I have a TON of housework to do (that maid never did show up!!) Glad to be back & visit with all of you. Have a great Sunday   ~Kriss~


  1. Your booth looks amazing, Kriss!! So Americanaly festive with those buntings!! I want one of everything!!! Glad you weathered the storm, you gained some knowledge/experience, and found a treasure for yourself (can't wait to see THAT! although it looks like you have some very cool colonial prints or something of your own in your booth!) - all in all, sounds like a good day. Have a wonderful Sunday - don't work too hard! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Your booth is amazing and I love everything!

  3. Wow, awesome setup. Love all the red white and blue handmades. You did good hon;) Oh holy cow, I'd love to have a maid, but I'm afraid I'd drive her crazy... lol. Sounds like you work hard for your money:) Can't wait to see that portrait.

  4. Thanks girls for the kind comments! I was actually a little nervous. Selling online and doing orders is one thing but putting yourself out there is completely different. I appreciate how sweet you are! ~Kriss~

  5. hi, Kriss
    Love your booth~ all your items are so cute~ sorry you didn't do better Hang in there~ I would of been buying your items!!!
    Wow~ so scary~ so glad you are all fine~
    enjoy your day & keep creating!!

  6. Wow Kriss,
    For having one week to prepare (at least that's what I'm taking from the
    you certainly have LOTS of terrific goodies.
    can't wait to see this infamous portrait! And girls will stick together on this!



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