Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~*Bedroom Re-Do Phase One & Secret Sister Swap Goodies*~

Phase one complete!! Is there any better feeling than getting a much needed and long overdue project done? I ended up not doing it on Saturday as planned as my hubby & I ended up on a day together of antiquing & junking spur of the moment....what fun!
It started when I went to the store here in Waterford to take some of my summer prims to sell & had a balance as I had sold a few things, whoo hoo!! Between my balance at the store and just over $20.00 I got some GREAT things plus a day out with my hubby that was also long overdue.
I took pictures of my bare bedroom to show you what I am starting with. The major things on my to do list are the bedding, window treatments, different fireplace mantle (I knew it was going to be too big there once I moved the room around!) & flooring. We tore out the old carpet a while back & I keep wondering wood floor or carpet?? Can't decide so I am going to try to paint it....yep, paint it! Until then you'll have to dismiss it's appearence, especially where I knocked the paint over while painting it last summer LOL. I am the worlds sloppiest painter!
Took pictures too of all my finds from Saturday, still can't believe what I got and didn't spend hardly anything!
I want to also send out a big Thank You to Cyn from cynzplace.blogspot.com for her Secret Sister Swap envelope that was hosted by Tammy of A Primitive Place. She sent me the most wonderful things, you can see her talent and the time she spent creating each piece! I love them all Cyn, you are a talented girl!!
I'll keep ya updated on the bedroom progress, may be a little slow this week as I'm hauling out the attic to do a community yard sale at a friends house this weekend but I'll post as soon as I can!

All my treasures! The table had ugly hardware that I took off and filled in the holes. I'm painting it black & adding wood knobs. There was a note written inside the drawer...someone named Hank made it, kinda neat! The wreath is a little rough but was cheap and I can tear it apart for fall. The sconces were 2.00 each but the guy gave them both to me for 2.00!! LOVE them!!
This incredible shelf was only 7.00! I'm painting it mustard over black & hanging it in my kitchen over a bench I had in my upstairs bathroom. It had a wood carving on the back of the year and maker. I'm adding either a wood bar or piece of rusty wire to the front to hold wood bowls. The plate was .25, the basket & wood heart plate 1/2 price so under .50 for both. The little box was 2.00, I'm going to put bird nests, stained flags and little clay pots in it and put it on my table on the front porch.

This is now in my bedroom as a side table
This is the bench that I moved to my kitchen to use with the new shelf...excuse the fact that my floor really needs mopped!!
This is looking into my bedroom, those bedskirts sure are nice to hide things we store under the bed!
I have an idea to make tall posters on the headboard, have the finial in my purse that I keep pulling out looking for the right size supplies. I really want to swap out the matching bed side table to the right for something else like I did on the other side. The duvet will stay but pillows & bed skirt are in the works. I think I'll hand a large twiggy wreath over the bed and want to hang a couple of portrait pictures over the table, I love those and have made a lot of them. I really think they capture "colonial". Think I'm going to open up the back of a long paper craft box & paint it or cover it with fabric and use it to hide the alarm clock.
This new table is the perfect size for this space! I'm hanging a blanket crane over this with some textiles, early socks & a lantern or basket. Think the red toile plate may go on here. Need new lighting....
That little table to the far left has been in every room of my house now!! It will now be a desk. I'm designing & stitching a large sampler to hang above it. Some covered books, a crock with some drieds, greens or feathers, early lighting....still thinking. I also am going to swap that chair out for another and make that one into a make do chair to sit at an angle to the left of the fireplace mantle.
The fireplace mantle is just too big for this space, too wide & too deep. I'll work with it for now though. I got this at a garage sale last summer for hardly anything. Like always I bought it and then realized it wouldn't fit in my car (I have a Dodge Intrepid and need a Dodge truck!!), believe it or not a friend of mine who has a truck came to the sale and we loaded it up & brought it home. I'm going to sew a curtain from muslin to drape along the front & my portrait picture that I got at the craft sale will hang above. The armoire hides the tv, thinking about trying to paint it and change out the hardware. A coverlet or vintage dressing gown will go on the door.
Might try to paint the dresser too?? Also really want to eventually change the wall color. This has more of a green tinge to it than I care for, reminds me of baby poop LOL. I drive my husband crazy with paint, why is it samples look so good in the store? Not sure what I want to do for the window treatments, once I have the room more done I'll probably get a better idea. I had a ton of this fabric and just threw some nails in the wall and tied the fabric with jute and pulled them into bishop sleeves...it was free and fast.Okay but not what I want.

So, here's my starting point!!

**Just tried to take pictures of my goods from Cyn and my batteries are dead!!!! I'll post those later***

Hope you all have a great day!!  ~Kriss~


  1. Love all your new finds!! Bet they'll look great when you finish redoing them! Your bedroom is looking good too ~ keep the pics coming! I'm thinking about redoing mine too! I need some inspiration! lol Have a great day!

  2. Wow, Kriss - you're just busting at the seams with wonderful ideas!! Can't wait to see where they all take you! The room is looking pretty dang good already (I like the paint color too - in the pics, it's showing taupe-y - not baby poopy...) And Awesome deals!! Holy cats!! Can't believe that little cupboard/table thing...or anything! And you have such great visualization for re-do's...I need to find me some of that! Looking forward to following your progress! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Wonderful is how I'd describe this bedroom!Girl you are on a roll with all the ideas.Can not wait to see it all finished. Hugs,Jen

  4. Great Goodies you got at a great price!
    Wow! you got a lot on your to do list.
    Sounds like a lot of great ideas ~ can't wait to see it all put together.
    Keep us posted!
    Prim Blessings

  5. Well, that's nice you and hubby took a day together. You sure got some nice furniture. Special that Hank made that for someone he loved. Charge up that battery!

  6. you have been busy! I am glad you liked the tings I sent. It was a great swap.


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