Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~*Happy First Day Of Summer*~

The first day of summer!! Took a few pictures of my house, my yardwork isn't finished but I thought I'd still share with you. Need to get those trees trimmed (so you can see the house!), it amazes me how much they grow each year...especially my weeping cherry.
The bed with the little fence is being completely re-done. Had my son pull everything but the little tree out over the weekend. I cheated and bought spray paint for the fence...worked out pretty good and so much easier than a brush!! I'm going to drape some grapevine along the top edge and I think plant just a few hosta and blackeyed susans for fall color, some planted pots on the ground and on a little stool will add some color. My sheperds hook is still waiting for my birdhouse in the shed (no place I enter...too many spiders!!) and will go back behind the fence.
I'm planning on moving some of the things from the bed in front of the porch to use in my backyard as I'm doing a new bed around a tree there. My grape cart will actually go into the bed by the weeping cherry. Still need to paint my porch (the only paint on it is what I spilled when I painted the railings, oops!)...I can never make up my mind what shade of gray I want and each year passes as I can't decide!
I painted my front door this weekend too with a color from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot. It's called Kiln. It's the perfect red, I love it! I have to get my side door done now.
 I think once I get my shutters painted black and some window boxes I'll have the colonial feel I'm looking for.
I have some extra fabric I think I'm going to use to stitch up some pillows for my rockers and swing too...it's all about the comfort. We're porch people and spend a lot of time out there from spring to fall...hence the Kountry Porch Primitives name!!
Still all a work in progress but getting done slowly, if only time and money were no issue.
Hope you all enjoy your first day of summer! Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass, eat some watermelon and go out and catch some fireflies under the moon tonight!!


  1. Beautiful Yard! I got my swap envelope from you,I'll be posting pics soon.Happy First day of Summer to you!~Amy

  2. I love your porch! Your little picket fence
    with the bunting on it, is a cute idea.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Beautiful yard and porch, Kriss! Wowswers! I think I could just live on your porch....(You wouldn't mind, would you??) ;o) Seriously - I would love, love, love to have a porch like that....Your beds are looking wonderful - like your idea for the one with the fence. Thanks so much for sharing! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Kriss~ what else to say~ but LOVE it~ beautiful!!!I can go on & on~ love the porch~everything on it~ the cart with flower~ the red, white & blue banner wrapped through the spindles!!
    Beautiful! I will be back plenty to see these photos!

  5. Thanks girls, I'll post more when it's all done. I got the greatest RWB flower filled pot at Lowes yesterday for 7.00, it goes perfectly with my americana theme outside, gotta love a deal!! Hoping they still have the half flag buntings at The Christmas Tree Store, I need three more for my pool deck as I had a new idea for that and only had one left. Robin, come on over, I'll get the coffee or iced tea ready :o) ~Kriss~

  6. Everything look so pretty! I really love the swag you have up on the porch!

  7. Kriss,
    Your porch and outside decor looks fabulous!!
    Love the bunting draped from your porch!

    Sorry to hear about your computer virus problems.
    Hopefully you will be back up and running soon.

    Take Care,


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