Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~*Posts for Followers List Working??*~

Has anyone else been noticing problems with not getting posts for the blogs you follow on your sidebar? I even looked around and noticed my posts aren't showing up on most of my followers either. Another Blogger glitch?? Let me know if maybe I need to do something on my end to fix it, thanks!! ~Kriss~


  1. Yes, I noticed it.
    A few of my favorite blogs aren't showing up on mine.
    I can't figure out why or how to fix it.
    Must just be another Blogger glitch.

  2. That part is working on my blog but I wasn't able to post photos this morning, so must be something funky going on with Blogger. Sometimes these things last a few hours, sometimes a few days.~Roberta

  3. Oh yes,
    Blogger is being a little devil right now.
    Wish they could fix this for us.
    I know it's FREE...but if they are offering the blogging world to us they should be able to help fix the problems faster than they have been.
    I'm sure they are aware, don't you?



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