Thursday, June 9, 2011

~*Will Be Offering Items From My Craft Show*~

Good morning all!! Wanted to let you know that I'll be putting up some pictures of a few things I had left from my craft show on here and see if anyone is interested before I put them on etsy or ebay. Need to get some batteries for my camera then I'll take a few shots and let you take a look. Hope to do it by early afternoon if all goes as planned in my know between eating bon bons on the couch and entertaining the pool boy...such a hard life for this gal  ;o) Be back with you later  ~Kriss~


  1. Sounds good sweetie!I remember all your goodies from your craft show but sadly couldnt comment,lol.but I can now!I was just reading your comment this morning on my post and remembered your craft show goodies.That cutie uncle sam!have a great day sweetie.Im off to a doc.appt.
    big hugs michelle

  2. Yea!!! Get those batteries going girl! (And have a bonbon or two for me!) ;o) Smiles ~ Robin

  3. Hi Kriss, Have you been getting my emails luv? Everytime I send on I get an email back say it was undeliverable. I don't know what's up... do you:) Thanks!


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